‘The kiss of God’: The meaning of the Eucharist


Religious cinema in Spain has been able to find its niche thanks to the production of documentary films, which have made it possible to discover first-hand stories of faith in which the spirituality of the faithful has been approached in a way that invites laymen to discover the reality of […]

Actor Robert Morse (‘Mad Men’) dies at 90


Actor Robert Morse has died at the age of 90. His death was confirmed by his son Charlie to the Los Angeles network ABC last Wednesday. The cause still remains unknown. Born in 1931 in Newton, Massachusetts, Morse served in the US Navy during the Korean War before beginning his […]

Netflix loses $54 billion in stock overnight


Last March, Netflix established a test system in Chile, Costa Rica and Peru in which an additional fee would be charged if users shared the account password with non-cohabitants. The decision raised controversy and mixed with other factors, Netflix has lost 200,000 subscriptions so far this year. The entertainment giant […]

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