Is heavy metal satanic? This answers priest

Jasjot Singh

This May 16, in which many celebrate the “international day of Heavy Metal”, a musical genre derived from hard rock, some wonder: Is this musical genre demonic? The origins of this musical genre are disputed, but it is commonly considered that its bases are found in legendary rock bands such […]

With this free book you can delve into the Heart of Mary

Jasjot Singh

On the occasion of the Month of Mary, the ACI Prensa Catholic Encyclopedia provides a series of valuable resources for faith formation free of charge, including the book “Heart of Mary, Heart of the Church.” The book, by the late Jesuit priest Bertrand de Margerie, was translated from French into […]

Are aliens a hoax from the devil? A Priest’s Response

Jasjot Singh

Fr. Jesús Silva, a Spanish priest with a degree in Patristic Theology, responds in a video to the question: “Are aliens a deception of the devil?”. The priest begins by specifying that “the devil certainly exists and acts, and he pretends to be anything in order to deceive.” “He pretends […]

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