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The Innersane is where fandoms and cinephiles meet. We don’t choose sides between Scorsese and Marvel because we love them both. Our coverage of entertainment news, features, and reviews works to bring our readers the best analysis coupled with a thoughtful, sharp personality that’s able to cut through the typical discourse to find the story between the stories. Rather than add to the noise, The Innersane shows why it’s the best source for the signal.

Founded in 2005, The Innersane has grown at a rapid pace and become a leader in the entertainment journalism community through our ability to break big stories (Borat 2? Yeah, we broke that) while making strong arguments on behalf of legendary flops like Waterworld or why secret gems like Lake Mungo keep us awake at night.

We pride ourselves on our close team of writers and editors who endeavor to create the best work possible while fostering an attitude of mutual respect and cooperation.

We are always working to further diversify the voices we put on The Innersane, and we proudly support BIPOC and LGBTQ+ writers and editors.

When it comes to joining The Innersane team, we want to work with people who are not only passionate about entertainment but who have done their homework.

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