Our Team

Shilpa Paul


Shilpa Paul is an online content writer who has been writing for the website for a long time. She started content writing to pass her time efficiently, but over time, she has taken a general interest in it. She likes to express her thoughts through her words and to explore as many genres as possible. She has showcased her writing skills by writing topics related to Business, Hollywood entertainment, and crime news. Apart from content writing, she also takes interest in reading and listening to songs.

Subhashree Panda


Subhashree Panda is an experienced content writer, editor, researcher and subject matter expert. She professionally pens down the happenings occurring around her and all over the globe to reach the people at large. Her works have been published on various other websites like Thetecheducation, Askanydifference, etc. She is enthusiastic about all genres of journalism. Moreover, her managerial and leadership qualities help her to manage works on her professional front. You can reach her through the following links.

Varun Singh


Varun Singh is a content writer who has been writing for quite some time. He has worked with several firms, creating content on topics like technology, international relations, crime, and entertainment. He has created content for both the web and offline events. Besides writing, he loves to read as well. He believes there’s a lot of content for everyone but just not enough people to present it, thus he tries to do his part.

Shiwangi Arya


Shiwangi Arya is a web content writer and has been in the writing field since a very long time. She specialises in niches such as entertainment, current affairs, business, sports, and everyday news. She has a very keen interest in literature as well. Besides a content writer, she is also an aspiring journalist, and host for several digital events. She embraces her hobby turned-passion, writing, and visualizes a career in this field itself.