Dramas coming to Netflix in September: Check the list

For a long time, Netflix has been considered the “house two dramas” in Brazil. Not surprisingly, the service has been investing heavily in the genre and has announced which titles will arrive in September. Unlike previous months, when the service made a large number of titles available, the next month will be reduced.

Of course, Netflix may – without notice – release new dramas, but so far, only two premieres will take place. Still, the titles that will be added to the catalog are excellent bets and promise to be in the TOP 10 in the coming days.

In fact, this has been commonplace. Some of the series and films of the genre were in the Top 10 of the service. Among them, the biggest highlight is Uma lawyer extraordinary, which ends its exhibition on the last day of August. In turn, Alquimía das Almas, also frequents the Top 10 and will still be shown throughout the month of September.

Os dramas Cafe Minandang and Three Days Later will still have their episodes released throughout the month. Check the list, and always access this article. After all, the service should include some titles in the next few days and we will update the article.

Os dramas coming in September on Netflix

Although these dramas have been officially confirmed by Netflix, some date changes may occur.

Narco-Santos – September 9th

Continuing the success of adaptations like Round 6 and La Casa de Papel: Korea, the new Netflix production will tackle new crimes. However, this time, the thriller will look for the events behind the drug trade. The series would be called “O Narco Accidental”, but it had its name changed, to avoid any relation with José Padilha’s series “Narcos”.

Narco-Santos is based on a true story and takes place in South America. In it, a drug dealer operating in the country draws the attention of the National Intelligence Service. So the intelligence service asks for the help of an ordinary businessman who is looking to make a fortune in Suriname. But, he ends up falling into the world of drugs.

the first season of drama will have 6 episodes. In turn, the main cast includes Ha Jung Woo, Hwang Jung Min, and Park Hae Soo.

Flower of Evil – 24 de Agosto

Flower of Evil – or Flower of Evil – is a series that was actually released in 2020. However, only now has Netflix acquired its rights. The production that stars Lee Joon Gi and Moon Chae Won and has the traditional 16 episodes.

No dramaOn the outside, Baek Hee Sung seems like the ideal husband. He is a skilled craftsman and his studio has achieved a certain fame. He is a model provider husband and exemplary father. But does not stop there. He is as skilled at home as he is in his studio.

That is, Hee Sung is a man who perfectly fulfills both his roles of father, entrepreneur and artisan. But its perfect exterior hides extremely dark secrets. Secrets he wouldn’t want his wife, Detective Cha Ji Won, never to find out.

But when Ji Won begins investigating a particularly cruel case, she begins to tread a dark path that could destroy the foundations of her happy life. Determined to bring this evil psychopath to justice, she delves deeper and deeper into this case, only to discover that the criminal has been by her side the entire time.

weekly episodes

In addition, some dramas will continue to air weekly in September. See the list:

Café Minamdang – New episodes: Monday

In this series, we follow a suspicious establishment that offers the services of an omniscient shaman and attracts the attention of a stubborn policewoman.

Image: Disclosure/NetflixAlchemy of Souls – New Episodes: Saturday

Jang Wook of the noble Jang family in the country of Daeho has an unpleasant secret about his birth that all the people of the country discuss. A known troublemaker, Jang Wook meets Mu Deok. In turn, this is an elite warrior trapped inside a physically weak body. However, he becomes his servant and secretly begins teaching Jang Wook to fight.

Three days later – New episodes: Saturday

A couple is successful on the internet after a fight between them goes viral. Soon, the two need to find out what they feel for each other. But with the whole world watching.

So, are you going to watch any of these? dramas?

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