Cobra Kai: Falcon should be the grand champion in season 5

Cobra Kai is an American martial arts action drama series, based on the Karate Kid trilogy, created by Robert Mark Kamen, which premiered on May 2, 2018 on YouTube Premium, where the story takes place with the reopening of the karate dojo, by Johnny Lawrence and the reactivation of the old rivalry with Daniel LaRusso.

Created by Jon Hurwitz, Hayden Schlossberg, and Josh Heald, Cobra Kai it stars Ralph Macchio and William Zabka, who reprise their roles from the films. During an interview with Screen Rant, one of the stars of the series, Jacob Bertrand stated what he has in store for his character in the 5th season of the series. At the end of the fourth season of the Karate Kid sequel, Eli “Falcão” Moskowit had a magnificent moment that caught a lot of attention.

So, he ended up becoming the champion of the All Valley Karate Tournament, eliminating Robby Keene, having the opportunity to hold his trophy with satisfaction. So the victory was fair for a boy who struggled many times to find where he could fit in.

Even so, with the turbulent endings of Cobra Kai, fans don’t really notice Falcão’s presence after he celebrates his victory. Thus, the focus soon shifts to other reveals and cliffhangers, leaving the audience curious as to how the character receives his victory after the tournament is over. Among several characters of the popular spin-off, Falcon was the one that had the biggest transformation for the public and what seems after this emotion of accomplishment, difficulties can arise in the fifth season of the series.

Jacob Bertrand details his character in Cobra Kai

In the same interview, Bertrand predicted what would happen to Falcão in the next episodes. He made it very clear, that in the fifth season of Cobra Kai, your character will feel very good after your victory. The actor said that, probably, his character will be more confident than he should, showing his naivety later on.

I think he’s being kicked around a bit. He takes a little. No, he just won a big win. I think he’s a little too confident. He has a lot of eyes looking at him. Winning All-Valley in the Cobra Kai universe is like winning the Super Bowl.

Famous not okay!

I think he feels a lot of pressure and I think that definitely drives him to be a little bit confident and naive.

More character details in the series

In a way, Falcão’s attitude is acceptable. As with many characters, he started the spinoff in a position of intimidation and neglect. So this attempt fed him, even if it led to dark places he had to see. He was not faithful and even physically assaulted some of his friends.

However, he switched sides and lived through his ups and downs. And now, in the fifth season of Cobra Kai, Bertrand says that the dojo fighter is on the rise. What it looks like, is that the series is gearing up for exploration, wrapping up the analysis, like Falcon and the individual he ends up becoming after the wave of attention wanes.

Image: Disclosure/Netflix

For sure, when the spin-off returns, several characters will be living with their own dramas. Falcon may be taking a direction for a somewhat grounded arc that examines who he is, given that the series’ main figure hasn’t been able to fit in one direction for quite a while.

In this way, it creates a rich environment for Bertrand to play in, pointing to the fact that Falcão will not be left out now that he has achieved a great position. Netflix has announced that the 5th season of Cobra Kaipremieres on September 9.

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