365 Days 4 (365 DNI 4) on Netflix: Everything we know so far

365 Dias 4 will happen? That’s the million dollar question now. So far, both Netflix and Blanka Lipinska have not expressed the possibility of the fourth film happening. However, much of the public seems to approve of the sequel.

Of course, it’s not just the public’s desire that 365 Dias 4 it may happen. Turns out, the third – and what we thought would be the last movie – ended in a totally ambiguous way. In addition, the film diverges from the ending of the book which originated it.

In this one, we see that Massimo and Laura face difficulties in their relationship. But, Nacho’s constant presence in the couple’s life is what really weighs on the end of the “dream wedding”. The third film in the franchise focuses on drama, although it still has several hot scenes.

But, it puts a flea behind Laura’s ear. Does she stay with the dominator and criminal or does she stay with whoever really wants her at the moment? The answer we don’t even know. However, 365 Dias 4 can answer that question. Thus, in this article we find out and report everything that was said about the continuation.

365 Dias 4 will it really happen?

As mentioned earlier, not a single word about 365 Dias 4 was given by Netflix. But, the ending ends totally open, when Massimo questions if “Laura is back”. The ending of the film is left open, much like the other films in the franchise. The only difference is precisely that Laura this time is not at risk of life.

Initially, Netflix’s plan was to adapt Blanka Lipinska’s book trilogy and several changes regarding the books were expected to occur. However, the end of the third film diverges grotesquely from the end of the book. We’ll talk about that ahead.

As of this writing, the third film in the franchise leads most countries where Netflix has a presence. The information is from FlixPatrol. That is, if the feature repeats the success of previous titles, the possibility of a sequel, or even a derivative, could become real.

Either way, we’ll have to wait and see what Netflix’s decision will be. The service can order 365 Dias 4 in the next three months. In this period, we can only hope to see what the decision of the service will be.

premiere of 365 Dias 4 on Netflix

At the moment, any planned release date is speculation. After all, Netflix itself has yet to confirm the sequel. However, we can assess the period in which the films were released. 365 DNI, was officially released in Poland in February 2020. But, on Netflix, the feature only arrived in June of the same year.

After a period of negotiations, the second film was released in April 2022 and the third in August. In this regard, two points must be taken into account. The first is that, the pandemic delayed the release of the second film. The second is that the proximity between the second and third films only occurred because the films were shot together.

Already about an alleged launch of 365 Dias 4, it all revolves around when – and if – Netflix confirms the movie. In a more likely scenario, still under speculation, the fourth film could be released in 2024.

NOTE: We will update this article whenever Netflix confirms news.

The end of the 3rd movie

Image: Disclosure/Netflix

As we mentioned earlier, fans saw the need for continuity, precisely by the end of the third film. In it, Laura has a quick affair during a trip to Portugal with Nacho. Although Massimo waits for his wife, he understands that she needs space.

So he returns to Sicily and Laura remains in doubt about who to choose. Upon returning, Laura is told that Massimo knows of her involvement with Nacho. In turn, Nacho disguises himself and appears as her driver, telling Laura that he will wait for her.

That’s when fans see the need to 365 Dias 4. Upon arriving home, Laura is greeted by Massimo. However, the young woman is surprised by the way the mobster receives her. In a calm and calm tone, Massimo claims that he was upset, because he didn’t know that she had lost the baby.

Laura and Massimo look at each other longingly. But, when asked if she really came back, the film comes to an end, without knowing if Laura chose Massimo or Nacho.

the plot of 365 Dias 4

In theory, there is no source material for the fourth film. However, Blanka Lipinska acted as a producer in all the films and “creating” a plot would not be difficult at all. But, we must also remember that the end of the third film diverges from the source material.

So, 365 Dias 4 could approach the books. In these, Massimo is an absolute villain and much worse than the character in the movies. Laura eventually ends up divorcing him. It is revealed that Laura broke up with Nacho after escaping another abusive situation which ends up with Massimo drugging her and trying to get her pregnant. Laura finally manages to escape him by seducing him and leaving when he lets his guard down.

In the epilogue, Laura and Nacho end up getting engaged and have a daughter together.

Cast: Who could go back to 365 Dias 4

Certainly, much of the cast would return for a possible sequel. That is, we would count on Anna-Maria Sieklucka and Michele Morrone as Laura and Massimo. In addition, the film would still feature the return of Laura’s friend, Olga. The character is played by Magdalena Lamparska.

If you follow the books, 365 Dias 4 would have Nacho as one of its main characters. Simone Susinna, an Italian actor would return for the sequel. We would still have Otar Saralidze (Domenico), Ewa Kasprzyk (Klara) and Dariusz Jakubowski (Tomasz). In addition, some new faces could emerge in the sequel.

Writer spoke about “possible 4th book”

365 Days 4 will happen?
Image: Disclosure/Netflix

Blanka Lipinska was in Brazil recently to promote her third book. During an interview with Tangerina, the author revealed that there is a 4th book. However, the book was not published. The author keeps only “for her”. To Tangerine, Lipinska revealed:

“Everyone pressures me (laughs). I have book number four [pronto], and the story is from the beginning, from Massimo’s perspective. You can get a little taste of that in the first book. The first chapter is book number four. The scene with the girl on the plane, for example, will be in the fourth book.”

However, plans for the book to become 365 Dias 4, do not yet exist. The reason is that, the author will be publishing soon, her new project called One.

“It’s going to be a great, erotic movie. It’s similar to 365 Days, but the script is better than what I wrote for 365 Days. Because I’ve matured.”

So far, the new project does not yet have a release date. Netflix has not commented on whether it will acquire the feature.

What to watch while you wait?

So far, there is no official confirmation of the film. But, you might want to watch other movies of the genre. Therefore, we have separated a list with some options, while you wait 365 Dias 4 on Netflix. Check out:

NOTE: Not all movies are available on Netflix.

After (Amazon Prime Video Movie Trilogy); Watchers (Amazon Prime Video); Amar (Netflix); Fifty Shades of Gray (Netflix); Zoe’s Secret Life (Netflix).

So would you like Netflix to produce 365 Dias 4? Did you like the end of the 3rd movie?

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