TOP 10 Netflix: The best series that debut in September

Netflix has released a long list of all the releases for September. However, in the midst of so many titles, it is difficult to choose what to watch necessarily. Mainly in series. After all, over the next month, the service will include several productions, both original and from other studios.

In fact, it becomes clear when we see the series that are scheduled to arrive on Netflix in the coming days. The service managed to divide the releases – see here – between its own bets and those of other studios. In the originals, for example, we have the return of Cobra Kai.

Certainly, the series will be among the most watched in the coming days. Another good bet – and long-awaited by fans – is the second season of Fate: The Winx Saga. However, it’s not just the updates that draw attention. For those who enjoy true stories, we have The Ohio Devil, inspired by a terrifying American story.

In series from other studios, the final season of Brooklyn Nine Nine is the main highlight. But, we will also have the addition of the seventh season of Legends Of Tomorrow in the last days of the month. Finally, the fifth and final season of the Dynasty series will also be added to the catalog.

Netflix’s Top 10: The Best Series of September

Check out the series and next, their respective premiere dates on Netflix

The Queen of the South – Season 5 – 9/1

The fifth and final season of the production, builds directly from the final events of the previous year. In the final episode we saw on Netflix, Teresa made a deal with the Russian Mafia, but they turn into brute adversaries in the final year.

The Devil in Ohio – Season 1 – 02/09

If you’re a fan of mysteries inspired by a true story, this series will win you over. The story of The Ohio Devil is a mixture of suspense and mystery crime. The production follows Dr. Suzanne Mathis, a hospital psychiatrist who decides to house a mysterious girl who has run away from a cult.

But the girl’s arrival in his life turns her upside down. Thus, the threat of destroying her family becomes more and more imminent.

You’re Not Special – Season 1 – 02/09

For those who enjoy light romantic comedy series, you will certainly like You are not special. The series revolves around Amaia, who is disgusted with life. Suddenly, she has to move from Barcelona, ​​leaving behind all her friendships and everyday activities, to live in her mother’s small town, where nothing happens.

However, the girl soon makes a discovery that could change everything. Perhaps she inherited her powers from her grandmother, who she did not know – and who is said to have been an important witch in Salabarria.

Narco-Santos – 09/09

For those who enjoy dramas, but with an action footprint, Narco-Santos will win you over. The series, which is inspired by a true story, revolves around a drug lord who controls all of Suriname and decides to unfairly frame a common man.

Thus, the production tells how this accused man ends up getting involved in a secret mission to capture this powerful figure.

Cobra Kai – Season 5 – 09/09

The fifth season of Cobra Kai is one of the most awaited series by fans. Production will pick up where season four left off and take place after the shocking result of the regional tournament. In the meantime, Terry Silver tries to expand the Cobra Kai empire and make the “no mercy” karate style dominate the region.

With Kreese in jail and Johnny Lawrence away from the dojo to repair the damage he’s caused, Daniel LaRusso must turn to someone from his past for help.

Image: Disclosure/NetflixFate: The Winx Saga – Season 2 – 9/16

Another highly anticipated series is Fate: The Winx Saga. Now, the school year is back, but with new magical powers, new romances, and new faces. All this, under the watchful eye of Rosalind, the former headmistress. In addition, there are several changes in the air.

The burns are no longer a threat, Dowling is still “missing” and Silva is still in prison, accused of treason. Meanwhile, Bloom and her friends are about to discover a terrifying new threat. Some fairies started to disappear in the middle of the night. This threat must be defeated before chaos ensues in the Otherworld.

Santo – Season 1 – 09/16

Santo is a Spanish series, but will feature a Brazilian, Bruno Gagliasso, as the protagonist. The production has been considered as an exciting mix of crime, action and mystery that sometimes leans towards horror.

In it, we see the story of the most wanted drug dealer in the world, whose face has never been revealed. So, two cops who are chasing each other need to settle their differences. Although they are radically different, Cardona and Millán must learn to collaborate and understand each other if they are to solve the case and stay alive.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine – 8ª Temporada – 20/09

The final season of Brooklyn Nine-Nine also premieres during the month of September. The final year of the series will tackle Jake and Amy’s new role as parents as they try to do their best in the professional realm. Your baby, Mac, will play a significant role in the new season’s adventures.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine is one of the series arriving in September
Image: Publicity/NBCDynasty – Season 5 – 09/24

Another production that comes to an end is Dynasty. The fifth and final season sees the aftermath of Blake’s gala finally starting to set in. At the same time, Alexis remains in prison, although she claims she is innocent. Amanda, on the other hand, tries to find out who may be responsible for the murder.

Ultimately, Culhane believes there may be some truth to Jeff’s suspicions.

The Empress – Season 1 – 09/29

Bridgerton and Downton Abbey fans will love this Netflix series. The Empress revolves around the overwhelming passion of Isabel and Francisco.

After the wedding, the young Empress needs to assert herself in front of her mother-in-law, the powerful Sophie. Furthermore, enemy troops threaten the borders of the Habsburg Empire, and the people of Vienna protest against the Emperor. Isabel then needs to know who to trust. Furthermore, she will discover the price of being Empress and a figure of hope for the people.

So, are you going to watch any of these series that debut in September on Netflix?

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