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A summer full of memories, that of Bandai Namco Entertainment. So what after Clonoaalso Pac-Man can take the limelight this last week of August. In fact, next Friday, the physical and digital shelves of all consoles will welcome Pac-Man World Re-Pacremake of the classic of the same name Play station The world of Pac-Man. Unlike what we saw with Klonoa, however, this time we are faced with a completely new version of the 1999 classic. A platform suitable for players of all ages, ready to guarantee you some fun without worries.

In 1999, Pac-Man World marked Pac-Man’s debut in the 3D world, giving it a new design and allowing it new moves never seen before. The first chapter of the trilogy sold a million and a half copies, figures we are almost used to nowadays, but which for the time were exceptional achievements. Easy to see why he sold so much. It was the era of platformers, and bringing different ideas to the stage as Pac-Man World did, was the keystone that made it successful. More than twenty years after its release, this remake still shows the strength of those ideas, despite the fact that the world of platformers has evolved further over time.

pac-man world

Over the course of the 24 levels, you will explore six different areas with secrets and enemies

It’s Pac-Man’s birthday, and our hero’s family has come together to celebrate. Unfortunately, the ghosts think differently, and decide to kidnap them all believing they will favor the rise of Knocking man. Just Toc-Man then locks them in six special cages in as many worlds scattered on his island, challenging Pac-Man to save them. Obviously our hero does not have it repeated twice and sets out on an adventure, testing his new skills.

Unlike its 2D counterpart, the three-dimensional Pac-Man can count on a crash to the ground (also useful as a double jump) on a roll capable of investing enemies and on the possibility of throwing the yellow balls previously collected. The island of Toc-Man is littered with enemies and ghosts, and to defeat the latter, the only possibility is to eat them by transforming us into a giant Pac-Man.

The levels have been polished for the remake. Lights, shadows and above all the fluidity of Pac-Man’s movements are current and allow a rhythm of play that never tastes old. Sure, some ideas were definitely innovative in the 90s and now they know they’ve already seen it, but the game works and manages to refresh the overall experience.

pac-man world

As in the cabinet, also in Pac-Man World you can make the protagonist invincible by collecting the special tablet

“A perfect entry point into the platforming genre.” Pac-Man World Re-Pac is never too difficult, and while you may miss a jump, you’ll never miss the extra lives to try again. A perfect entry point into the platforming genre for the little ones, and a carefree stroll for the more experienced players.

Each area offers three levels and a boss, for a total of 24 stages to complete before reaching the credits. The hallmarks of each level are closed doors that can only be thrown open with the right fruit or object. To solve the puzzle, you will have to press switches, defeat enemies, or reach previously inaccessible areas. Once the doors are open we will also be able to find the letters that make up the word PACMAN which, in full 90s style, will grant us access to a bonus section at the end of the level.

At the end of each stage then, the objects we have collected will give us the opportunity to use the slot machine, useful for improving our total score and consequently increasing the life counter.

Pac-Man versus Toc-Man

Once you have passed the three levels in a “classic” style, it will be time to face the bosses. The battles with the strongest minions of Toc-Man are among the most successful moments of the production because they are able to completely refresh what happens on the screen. There is certainly no shortage of classic 3D platform battles, but in the middle there is also a vertically scrolling escape from a mummy, a karting race and even a moment in pure style. Galaga.

pac-man world

At the end of each world a different boss awaits you, who will change the game mechanics

Again this is nothing too difficult or innovative, but imagine the reaction in 1999 of being driving a car after having survived the dangers of a haunted circus unscathed. To compete with eleven psychopathic clowns that when damaged emit decidedly not very reassuring sounds. Welcome to Pac-Man World guys!

And in all of this it is not over yet. In addition to the three-dimensional levels, 36 classic mazes are also available, in which Pac-Man will have to escape (or eat) the ghosts while he collects all the dots. These mazes mirror the obstacles of the play areas, so expect levels that are dark, on fire, or with movable walls. Finally, for those looking for a more classic experience, there is also the arcade version of Pac-Man playable once the credits are reached.

pac-man world

The mazes are among the extras of the title, along with an inevitable classic version of Pac-Man

Pac-Man World Re-Pac is a successful remake. Bandai Namco Entertainment was able to make the 1999 classic accessible to an audience of all ages, fun and carefree even for the small duration required to be completed. The duration could perhaps be the only drawback of the production that, with a never high difficulty, you can easily finish 100% in about ten hours. But if longevity and replay value aren’t an issue, Pac-Man World Re-Pac deserves your attention. We don’t know if the other two chapters of the trilogy will suffer the same treatment in the future, but at least that’s what we hope for.


Type of game

Pac-Man World Re-pac is the remake of the classic PlayStation from 1999, a 3D platformer with good ideas and suitable for an audience of all ages.

How it was played

I completed the title 100% on PlayStation 4 in about ten hours thanks to a code kindly offered by Bandai Namco Entertainment.

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