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When we first saw it Worship of the Lambwe were puzzled by the mix between cartoon graphics and grotesque fiction with large doses of black humor. The boys of Massive monster they seemed intent on giving birth to a title that caredless of all possible allegations related to religion. A very specific choice, which fortunately did not encounter particular obstacles on its path.

For the uninitiated, we are talking about a work where the player plays a little lamb who makes a pact with the devil, founding his own satanic sect. Gathering followers, loving them and, if necessary, sacrificing them are the basis of Cult of the Lamb, available from 11 August on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, PC And Mac OS.

If you are curious to find out what happened to our personal esoteric cult, all you have to do is continue reading.


As already mentioned in the opening phase, Cult of the Lamb tells the story of a small lamb, sacrificed by four monstrous creatures on the altar. Instead of dying, our protagonist meets He who waits (The One Who Waits), a mysterious figure who spares him in exchange for his blind loyalty. This is how the adventure of the young lamb begins, determined to give life to a sect with the aim of facing his own killers and intent on freeing the demonic individual who saved his life.

Although the title is not meant to have a deep and articulated plot, the work of Massive Monster has always been able to give us a reason to go on. In the end, the Cult of the Lamb story is just a pretext to play. A pretext which, however, provides a fascinating setting and which has nevertheless won us over.


Let’s start from a simple concept: the work in question is a clever hybrid between a roguelite where the player faces missions over and over to strengthen himself and a management style. Animal crossing. It takes a few seconds to understand how to manage your base is not only an integral part of the gameplay, but completely fundamental to the continuation of the game.

This is because their followers immediately demonstrate primary needs such as the need to eat, to stay healthy and to be able to pray to their God. Here we will find ourselves, therefore, constructing buildings and elements useful for the sustenance of the community, while we try to keep faith in ourselves high. In fact, compromising the spiritual needs of the people can lead to an insurrection by some too sanguine individuals and the consequent collapse of society. Carefully balancing our actions and properly placing buildings in the base are the necessary elements to maintain solid crowd control.

To this are added numerous missions during which we will be entrusted with a completely random weapon and ability. Missions that see us forced to face different levels to obtain materials and to improve their statistics. During each run, in fact, you can choose different paths to reach the final boss. Each of these will allow us to collect new followers, to obtain wood, minerals or food to satisfy their followers. Once you have defeated the enemy at the end of the area, here you return to the village, to further enhance it.

The alternation of these two types of games is accompanied by the need to be loved by the people. Delivering sermons, meeting citizens individually and helping them in their businesses are on the agenda, in a continuous chain of commitments that creates addiction. We spent entire evenings growing our cult, carving out time to fish, to play dice and to explore the innermost corners of this fantasy world.

The writer is not particularly fond of titles such as The bond of Isaac or Animal Crossing, but I admit that this hybrid between the two has particularly entranced me. Let’s not hide it: Cult of the Lamb was undoubtedly among the surprises of this 2022.

Worship of the Lamb


As already mentioned, the style of the work of the English team mixes a grotesque narrative with cartoon graphics. A combination that reminded us of the Happy tree friends 1999, animated series poised between comedy and splatter. The result is undoubtedly to be rewarded, as well as the chosen color palette, which makes black and red tones prevail. The sound sector is also excellent, which never really shines, but which constantly accompanies our every gesture. We report the absence of an Italian translation. A small flaw, however compensated by a really simple English, which makes the experience perfectly usable by anyone.

Last gem: Massive Monster created a nice interaction with Contractionallowing followers to customize the various faithful of our cult. An addition as useless as it is fun.

Cult of the Lamb was a real surprise. We enjoyed every moment spent with the pad in hand and we are sure that, in the coming months, we will often return to visit our followers. We never expected running a satanic sect to be so much fun. For this reason, even if you are uncertain whether to recover the title in question, we advise you to risk and invest the € 24.99 necessary to be able to play the title of the English team. We are sure you will not regret it.

VOTE 8.5

Type of game

Cult of the Lamb is a hybrid between a management software like Animal Crossing and a roguelite like The Binding of Isaac.

How it was played

The title was played on Xbox Series X thanks to a code kindly provided by the Publisher.

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