Splatoon 3, new and old emotions in Splattonia | Preview

I didn’t play one Mixed shellfish for about two years, precisely since the last Splatfest from Splatoon 2but it was enough to step into the ink to feel like I never left. This is the effect it gave me Splatoon 3 in my preview test. I immediately felt at ease, despite the change of location, despite the changes made to the mechanics.

Before starting, a due premise. I will focus mainly on the innovations tested in the hour and a half of gameplay, leaving to the review most of the comparisons with the past and above all the task of going deeper into some key aspects of the game.

Welcome to Splattonia!

Nintendo Italy gave us a taste of each of the main modes (except for the brand new one Splat) present in Splatoon 3. Starting with the story mode which, as in the previous chapters, is divided into stages that blend platforming with the arena shooter mechanics of the series. The three levels we have faced are the direct evolution of what we saw in Octo expansionThe DLC of Splatoon 2 set in the subway of Splatopolis. Just like in the expansion, in fact, we will be required to pay a toll to face the level, we will have a limited number of lives and we will be able to choose from a predefined selection of weapons. As a reward, we will obviously get points for facing the next and extra levels dedicated to the lore of the game, which has always been the focal point of the story mode.

At our side in this new adventure a little one Charadorable companion with a not too bright face, acts like an ink bomb and is essential for the continuation of the story. The char can not only be used as a weapon, but also as a researcher for objects and to unlock previously unexplored sections of the map. As anticipated by DirectSplatoon 3’s plot revolves around the fearsome Mammiferianswho I am? Where they come from? These are questions that we will only answer from 9 September.

The new weapons of Splatoon 3

Also during the preview test, I was able to get my hands on some of the new weapons in Splatoon 3. The squid allows you to fire three shots at the same time horizontally, but if you decide to jump, you can shoot vertically. In addition, you will have a charged shot that will explode after a few seconds after impact, causing further damage from splashes. There crazier instead it is suitable for close combat, like a brush but faster. Among the secondary weapons, on the other hand, he steals the show Shark motorcycle, which allows you to clear your way in front of you with an unstoppable charge (and subsequent explosion). Obviously the weapons will be tested in all modes, but they seemed to me immediately excellent additions suitable for both novice and more experienced players.

splatoon 3 preview

In addition to the new weapons, I was able to try out some changes to the movement system of the Hint. Now, in squid form, it is possible to perform two new evasive maneuvers. If we turn in another direction during the jump, our avatar will be able to perform the spinning (on the ground) and the spinning (on the wall). Both moves can be useful both for fleeing enemies (given the invulnerability frame allowed) and for moving faster in the Salmon rush.

The return of the Salmon Run

The last test was a confirmation. The Salmon Run, introduced with the second chapter, returns even tougher than before, pitting four players in the team against three hordes of Salmonids totally crazy. The goal remains the same: collect a certain number of eggs and survive the waves. What changes is obviously the type of boss, with new races of Great Salmonids ready to make the skin, and the ability to throw the egg at the cost of a little ‘ink. The launch of the eggs will be fundamental, so as to manage even better the spaces of the map and team play. The hope is that, unlike what was done with the second chapter, Salmon Run is always accessible and not every other day (improvement already made after the end of Splatoon 2 support).

splatoon 3 preview

Finally, a service announcement: this Saturday you will be able to experience the new features of Splatoon 3 first-hand, thanks to the Splatfest world premiere. An event very similar to the one organized for the launch of the second chapter, in which you can test as many as 26 weapons in special mollusc melee, find all the details below:

Anyone who wants to try Splatoon 3 before its release on September 9th can join the Splatfest World Premiere on August 27th. From 18 August, the free demo can be downloaded from Nintendo eShop. Players will be able to choose whether to join the rock team, the paper team or the scissor team until August 27th. Some parts of the demo will be playable as early as August 25, before the start of the Splatfest set for 10:00 on August 27.

In short, this little preview of Splatoon 3 convinced me. But it didn’t take much given the strong foundations of what is in my opinion the best of the new ones IP from Nintendo. Sure, for a more reasoned opinion we’ll have to wait a little longer (and there’s a whole new mode to try) but I can’t wait to go back to Splattonia and feel at home again.

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