Anabel Pantoja and Yulen Pereira would be going through their first couple crisis because of Omar Sánchez

The beginning of a relationship is one of the most beautiful and magical moments. However, after the illusions come the disappointments and the first crises. If not, tell Anabel Pantoja and Yulen Pereira, who would be going through a very complicated moment in their relationship as a result of the presence of Pantoja’s ex, Omar Sánchez, and the woman who seems to have stolen his heart, Raquel Lozano, on the same island where they spend the summer. Although the waters would not be very calm between the new couple.

Yulen Pereira and Anabel Pantoja on vacation in IbizaYulen Pereira and Anabel Pantoja on vacation in Ibiza

The relationship formed by the tonadillera’s niece and the athlete would have gone through a pothole after crossing paths with Anabel Pantoja’s ex-partner when they went out to enjoy their vacations. The fencing champion would not be very happy with Omar Sánchez, which would have caused jealousy to erupt in the relationship.

Yulen’s anger

‘Sálvame’ has published the statements of a witness who saw the couple argue and who affirms that Pereira was very upset: “It was clear that Yulen was very angry and I think he came out of jealousy. He was pissed off with her, he said: ‘ They’ve come here just to fuck with us.'” The witness has also assured that “very bad vibes” were noted between the former ‘Survivors’ contestant and the influencer, so much so that even the discussion could endanger the relationship between the two.

Although the couple decided to leave the place and spend the night elsewhere, the situation between them would not have improved and the tension would have remained, although they continued to share photos together on their social networks, as if nothing had happened between them. For their part, Omar Sánchez and Raquel López have also gone through a small crisis. The couple has been recorded arguing in the pool of the hotel where they are staying, in a very tense attitude, although the windsurfer would have tried to clarify the situation, defending that no fight had occurred between them, but the images belie his words.

Yulen Pereira and Anabel Pantoja having fun during their vacations in IbizaYulen Pereira and Anabel Pantoja having fun during their vacations in Ibiza

The two couples have met in Ibiza, where they are trying to enjoy a few days off, although they have not stopped since they arrived on the island. As their social networks show, the four are enjoying the entertainment that the Balearic paradise offers to the fullest and do not hesitate to go out at night, so much so that they have ended up meeting in the same places. Omar Sánchez has already stated that he would not mind crossing paths with his ex-partner, if necessary, showing himself impassive in the face of a possible encounter. It seems that, on the part of Yulen Pereira, the feeling would not be mutual and that coincidence would have bothered him greatly.

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