Warrior Nun Season 2 Release Date, Plot and Everything We Know Yet

Warrior Nun Season 2

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One of the widely watched series of Netflix, Warrior Nun based on supernatural action fantasy is about to bring its second season. It is based on the famous comic book series Warrior Nun Areala by Ben Dunn. This series stars Alba Baptista as the protagonist of the show. Well, the fans are eager to watch this season.  The first season totally boomed up the show.  Netflix has brought so many series based on supernatural fantasy, this is one of them.

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Let’s Recap

In the previous season, it is announced that Adriel is not an angel. His powers are recited in a demonic way. He is part of the demon family from where he has derived all his bestowed powers. It has been revealed that Adriel is the first Warrior Nun who has ever find success in stealing his power. Halo’s power is all lie, and his belief and religious order were building around it.

The finale of the season ends with father Vincent betraying his sister, Sister Lilith, by starting his demonic powers. Young boy Lope Hayden Evans suddenly gets disappears into a portal in front of his mother’s eye. In the end, Cardinal Francisco gets the status of the pope. The season gets ends with the beginning of an adventurous life for Ava and her sisters. The season’s final scene was Adriel reveals all his demonic powers on the Sisters.

Well, the beginning of an adventurous life of Ava and her sisters becomes one of the reasons to watch season two. The fans are excited to watch this season.

Release Date and Expected Cast

Till now, Netflix hasn’t revealed the release date of Warrior Nun season 2, only the expectations are there. There are some chances that the show will premiere its first episode in the year 2022 or 2023. These all are just a part of speculation.

There were a lot of rumours that Netflix will not bring its season two, but the film has started its shooting. Soon, it will be premiered on Netflix. The demand for fans will be fulfilled very soon.

If we talk about the cast of the show. The show contains one of the best cast which totally fits perfectly for this. It stars teenage actors and actresses who have shown their skills in a well-manner. All of them have win the hearts of people. This time also the show will stars the same cast with:

1.) Alba Baptista playing the role of Ava Silva

2.) Toya Turner as Sister Mary

3.) Thekla Reuten in the role of Jillian Salvius

4.) Lorena Andrea in the role of Sister Lilith

5.) Kristina Tonteri-Young will be seen as Sister Beatrice

6.) Tristan Uloa will be shown as Father Vincent

7.) Olivia Delcan as Sister Camila

8.) Joaquim de Almeida as Cardinal Francisco Duretti

9.) Peter de Jersey will be shown as Kristian Schaefer

10.) Lope Hayden Evans in the role of Michael Salvius

Fan Plotline

The plotline of this show is that it reveals a story of a brave 19-year-old girl named Alba Baptista. She struggles to fight with different demons using her superpowers.  She becomes the part of Cruciform on Earth. Furthermore, she is not alone on the journey, she has her friend.

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The second season will bring excitement for the fans as this time a lot of things could happen. As there will be the beginning of an adventurous journey for Ava and her sisters. This time those types of thing could happen that is out of our mind. Even, characters who have died could return due to holy powers. So, don’t forget to watch its premiere soon, it will be telecast on Netflix.

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