Siesta Key Season 5 Release Date, Plot, and Everything We Know Yet

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“Siesta Key,” a reality show that is based on the 2004 series named “Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County.” Despite scathing criticism for its lack of fascinating elements, the show has produced 4 seasons till now. Some viewers also pointed out that not all of the cast members appeared to be comfortable conversing on camera.

Even after all this, the series has been a guilty pleasure and has a devoted following. If you’re wondering if the series will return for the 5th season, we’re here to tell you everything we know so far.

What Siesta Key is About?

The series is created by Mark Ford and Warren Skeels and the story follows a group of friends as they spend the summer together while discussing topics like love, friendship, and livelihood. MTV’s highly-anticipated hit show exhibits the contestants as they spend the summer together.

The group of young adults struggles with matters of love, heartbreak, betrayal, and impending maturity. While they are coming of age and discovering out who they are and who they want to be, nothing is off bounds in the show. The show first aired on MTV on 31 July 2017.

Siesta Key Season 5

Release Date of Siesta Key Season 5

The 4th season premiered on MTV on 12 May 2022 and ended on 4 August 2022. The 4th season had 13 episodes, where each lasted roughly 42 minutes. Here’s everything we know so far regarding the release date of the 5th season. Despite its low ratings, the show has been a constant performer on MTV.

Furthermore, filming reality shows like this is easier even during a pandemic because the content is driven by the cast members’ interpersonal interactions. The filming for 4th season began in late 2020, around six months before the season premiere. Hence, if the show is renewed for a 5th season by late 2022 and filming proceeds soon after, fans can expect the 5th season of Siesta Key to premiere sometime in the year 2022.

What’s the Plot of the 5th Season of Siesta Key?

Chloe spent more time and effort in the 4th season working on herself, but she did not always get the response she wanted from her castmates. In the 4th season, we also saw Brandon managing fatherhood while attempting to regain control of his romantic life. If there is a 5th season, we shall see how the dynamics have changed since Chloe left.

We’ll also learn more about Juliette and Sam, as well as Madison and Ish’s plans. Overall, if the show is renewed for another season, the characters will reunite for another vacation, which will bring out more spicy drama as they try to cope with their personal and professional life.

Siesta Key Season 5

Who’s in the Cast of Siesta Key Season 5?

Madison Hausburg, Juliette Porter, Garrett Miller, Amanda Miller, Brandon Gomes, Kelsey Owens, and Sam Logan were seen as the cast members in 4th season. Therefore, if the season happens, we should expect the majority of them to return.

If the series gets renewed, it is unlikely that Chloe Trautman will be a part of the following season because she decided to leave after acting for 4 seasons. If the series returns for a 5th season, fans might get to see Ismael Soto, aka Ish, as well as some new characters, whose names have been kept secret till now.

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