Pope Francis: “The world needs peace”

After praying the Angelus, Pope Francis asked this Sunday to continue praying for peace in Ukraine and throughout the world.

I appeal to the heads of nations and international organizations so that they react to the tendency to accentuate conflict and opposition”, said the Holy Father.

He then explained that “the world needs peace, not a peace based on a balance of arms, on mutual fear. No, that won’t do. This is turning history back seventy years.”

“The Ukrainian crisis should have been, but – if you like – it can still become, a challenge for wise statesmen, capable of building a better world through dialogue for new generations,” he defended.

In addition, he stated that “with the help of God, this is always possible. But we must move from strategies of political, economic and military power to a global peace project: not to a world divided between powers in conflict; yes to a united world between peoples and civilizations that respect each other”, he concluded.

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