Bitvestment Review 2022: Is it legit, or a scam?

Hundreds of platforms, such as Bitvestment, have sprung up, but this particular bot has dominated the sector we’re discussing: cryptocurrencies, for years. The BOT’s claimed 88 percent accuracy is actually genuine, according to the incredibly favourable Bitvestment Trustpilot reviews on the web, and can make you thousands and thousands of dollars per day. All of this is done automatically, so you don’t have to do anything. 

What is Bitvestment?

Bitvestment is a trading bot for Bitcoin. Although it is not very old as a program, it appears to have dominated the market since its inception a few years ago.


Because it is automated, you are not subject to the complexities and errors that come with the human mind. For example, a manual trader may take days to analyze Bitcoin signals, whereas Bitvestment does so in a matter of hours using an advanced system of calculations based on multiple response algorithms and artificial intelligence.


We attempted to arrange a private interview with the creators of this trading bot, but despite our considerable reputation in the Bitcoin field, we were unable to do so because the creators of Bitvestment keep a low profile; it is widely assumed that they are retired brokers and investors.

Is Bitvestment Legitimate?

There were countless videos uploaded on YouTube, particularly in 2020, in which it was consistently stated that it was unreliable. This is simply because the people who produced these videos were absolutely inexperienced: don’t get me wrong, you’re probably a novice as well, but these users instantly rushed into live trading without using Bitvestment’s recommended settings. Also, Bitcoin trading has a lot of volatility, which is why more individuals are trying to get into it because of the high risk and great gain.


In a market like Bitcoin, where the value of these tokens can quickly exceed 20% of their current value in just over an hour based on trade signals issued by these tokens’ payment management platforms, it is vital to exercise prudence.


The computation capability of Bitvestment, which claims to have a transaction success rate of over 90%, reduces the considerable dangers of the cryptocurrency market. Because its developers receive a little percentage of your earnings, Bitvestment is free. As a result, it is self-evident that the higher the number of individuals who use it, the higher the platform’s earnings.


How to get started with Bitvestment?

  1. Register

Users must authenticate their account over the phone after registering, and then they are granted access to the software. The new account user can then choose from a range of investment options, each with a certain time frame for seeing returns.

  1. Initial Deposit

Following the selection of an investment package, the customer deposits monies into their account, which are then converted to Bitcoin or Ethereum straight through the app (a feature we appreciate) and stored in a highly secure digital wallet. We can certify that Bitvestment’s e-wallets offer some of the most advanced security and protection measures we’ve seen in any e-wallet.

  1. Live Trading

After the update, Bitvestment’s algorithm appears to be working really well, and the crew of traders that do the majority of the legwork is extremely capable. People who use the Bitvestment site to track transactions and markets will like the user-friendly interface and simple navigation method.

What is so unique about Bitvestment?

  1. Improved Team

The platform’s brains have been improved, bringing the programme to a whole new level of efficiency. Concerns about the individuals handling the trades and people’s money were a part of the problem in the past, so bringing in a new team of traders and software developers is surely a move in the right way.

  1. Improved Algorithm

Many digital trading apps lack the personal touch and assurance that you can contact a real person if you need to. The fact that Bitvestment has restructured and prioritises customer service is a very encouraging indicator.


  1. Excellent Customer Service

Many digital trading apps lack the personal touch and assurance that you can contact a real person if you need to. The fact that Bitvestment has restructured and prioritises customer service is a very encouraging indicator.

  1. Streamlined Interface and Website

Finally, Bitvestment’s website has been updated. It may not appear to be a major issue, but it is yet another feather in the new and better platform’s cap. Because first impressions matter, and the company’s website is the first thing most people see, it’s commendable that it took the time to rebrand, regroup, and restart.

Our Final Thoughts

As you can see from the extensive explanations in this post, it may be worthwhile to invest in Bitvestment. According to the organization, if you follow its recommendations and reduce your chance of losing money, you can become wealthy in a short period of time, changing your life and the lives of your loved ones. However, because the cryptocurrency market is so unpredictable, we recommend investing only what you can afford to lose.


  1. Is Bitvestment compatible with mobile devices?

Yes, Bitvestment has a mobile application. You may get the app from the PlayStore or the App Store and log in with the same credentials as the main site. The app provides you with the same access and information as the website, allowing you to track your trading and investment progress while on the go.

  1. Is there a minimum or maximum deposit amount with Bitvestment?

On Bitvestment, there is no maximum deposit limit, while some card issuers or bank accounts may have their own. Depending on the investment package you select, the minimum deposit required varies. It has a price range of $100 to $500,000. Lower minimum deposit accounts are short-term investments, but greater minimum deposit accounts are longer-term investments, therefore there are numerous factors to consider when choosing a package.

  1. Is cryptocurrency the only asset class that Bitvestment allows me to invest in?

Yes, for the time being. Bitvestment currently only offers Bitcoin and Ethereum as investment options, but the company plans to grow in the future.


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