BitQH Review 2022: Can you trust it?

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BitQH Review 2022: Can you trust it?

BitQH is an auto trading robot that uses mathematical algorithms to automate crypto asset trading, such as Bitcoin. Its main platform has no information on the robot’s creators, and while external sources say that the robot was created by expert traders, our team was unable to find any proof to support this claim.


Users have made thousands of dollars with BitQH’s robot, according to the official BitQH website. It also boasts that it has received International Trading Association trading accolades. In this BitQH review, we look at the robot’s services as well as its trading performance and any evidence that supports these big promises.

About BitQH 

BitQH is a cryptocurrency auto trading platform that uses technology solutions to facilitate automatic trading. It forecasts the price fluctuations of bitcoin assets using mathematical and statistical techniques. The trades are calculated using a set of fundamental and technical indicators applied to digital assets.


It calculates and executes the order to begin or terminate a trade without the need for human intervention. The software, according to its website, works 0.01 seconds ahead of the market and can perform several deals at a far faster rate – although this has not been demonstrated and is highly doubtful.


The BitQH bot offers competent traders the option of manual trading in addition to automatic trading. To open or stop a trade in a specific asset, users specify their predetermined criteria. For example, if the price of Bitcoin rises to $35,000, a trade to place an open order with a stop loss of $34,800 might be made. Market moves are monitored by the auto trading bot, which places trades if they fit the trader’s defined inputs. It would limit a trader’s losses to $200 in this case.

Working behind BitQH 

According to research, BitQH collaborates with regulated brokers who facilitate the trading of cryptocurrency assets. Contracts for Difference (CFDs) in cryptocurrencies are offered by these sites. BitQH’s robot uses complex algorithm tools to calculate trading possibilities. It uses an API to transmit these signals to its linked brokers. In turn, the broker platform places the order without the need for human participation.

Signup process for BitQH

Step 1: register 

To use BitQH’s services, you must first register as a member of the platform. You will be able to register for the services if they are offered in your jurisdiction. At the time of registration, you are not required to go through the KYC process.

Step 2: Make a deposit

To use BitQH’s auto trading features, you must make a minimum deposit of $250. Once you’ve made a deposit, you can turn on autotrading, and the robot will begin executing orders for you. You can also use the demo version to get acquainted with BitQH trading.

Step 3: Make a deal. 

If autotrading is enabled, the robot calculates and generates trading opportunities. You can also personalise autotrading by adjusting parameters such as take profit and stop loss levels. An experienced trader, on the other hand, can manually place trades by entering the requirements to open or close a trade.

What makes BitQH unique?

  • Demonstration account

The fact that BitQH App gives a demo account is one of the best reasons to utilise it. This is a unique account in which you do not participate in a genuine, live market, but rather a simulated one. You are given fictitious money with which to practise trading.


Any losses you have are not actual losses, and the same is true for any gains you have. In essence, it’s an excellent location to test alternative tactics and develop your approach to crypto trading.

  • Minimum deposit is low.

Before you can start trading, many trading robots ask you to deposit a significant amount of money, which can range from $1,000 to much more. The BitQH App, on the other hand, takes only a $250 deposit. The money is then used to enter the live trade mode, where you purchase and sell coins in order to profit from price fluctuations.


Because most traders will be able to deposit this amount, robots are widely seen as being very accessible and a fantastic option for newcomers to enter the cryptocurrency market.

  • It has the ability to trade quickly.

Human traders have a number of weaknesses, one of which is our incapacity to gather and process data rapidly. To identify Bitcoin’s price action, we must read the news, analyse charts, and manually use tools, which slows us down, and the price can already be moving unfavourably by the time we react.


BitQH App can perform everything in the blink of an eye, and as a result, it can take advantage of all new prospects. Investing in Bitcoin when it is $18,000 and watching it rise to $42,000 is a once-in-a-lifetime chance. Smaller ones, on the other hand, are considerably more difficult for humans to exploit, whereas an app can do so quickly.

Is BitQH legitimate or a scam?

By applying techniques that offer potentially successful trading opportunities in cryptocurrency markets, BitQH enables access to automatic and manual trading in cryptocurrencies. The website’s promises that the robot can make $1 million in two months are highly speculative and probably certainly untrue.


Furthermore, while it appears that the robot can place several trades at a far faster rate than a human, the software cannot forecast trades with a 99.4 percent accuracy, as advertised on its website. The official platform also claims to have won trade honours from the International Trade Association, however our investigation indicates that such claims are false and over-the-top marketing practises.


While the robot can be an effective instrument for trading in the crypto markets, beginners should be wary of their claims. Instead of relying exclusively on the robot, it is recommended to conduct your own study before trading. Experts should use the robot with caution because crypto markets are quite volatile.

Final Thoughts

The BitQH robot is a helpful tool that allows for automated trading in crypto markets. While its website boasts of users making big money, our investigation revealed that the robot has varied evaluations from outside sources, and we were unable to substantiate any of the lofty promises.


It does use powerful algorithms to anticipate trade outcomes, but as stated on its website, it is nearly impossible to predict trades with near-perfect accuracy. Furthermore, BitQH says that traders can make $1 million in 61 days; however, these claims are unsubstantiated and should not be trusted.


Beginners using the robot’s services should not rely only on BitQH to place transactions in the cryptocurrency exchanges. Traders must undertake their own due diligence and rely on the robot to assist them. Experts can utilise the robot to access capabilities like backtesting and manual trading, which are beneficial to them.


Overall, BitQH can help you automate trades you’re already doing manually, but you’re unlikely to achieve the degree of success the platform claims if you rely solely on the robot.


  1. Can I use BitQH on both my phone and my computer?

Yes. BitQH’s auto trading bot can be used on any OS via a desktop or laptop with an internet connection and a web browser. Although the auto trading bot does not have a mobile app, its services can be accessed via a smartphone’s browser.

  1. Is it possible to trade assets using leverage?

Yes. The BitQH platform’s linked brokers allow for leveraged trading in bitcoin assets. These platforms provide crypto CFD trading, in which the trader does not hold the actual asset but instead follows the underlying asset’s price movements. While there are no specifics on leverage on the company’s official website, outsider research reveals that a leverage of 1000:1 can be applied. This article will teach you all you need to know about CFD trading.


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