Yulen reveals that Anabel Pantoja wrote to her on Instagram before ‘SV 2022’ and they share their first kiss in public

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Anabel Pantoja and Yulen Pereira are getting carried away in ‘Survivors 2022’, something that has cost them a lot and the reason why they have been so questioned. It is true that it is still difficult to see them as looser and more natural as far as their relationship is concerned but, little by little, they are taking steps that indicate that a spark has arisen between them, at least something more than a friendship.

Until now, the approaches that Anabel Pantoja and Yulen Pereira have had have been under the blanket and at night, something that has been captured by the cameras because they have been pending but that they would have preferred not to come out. The couple has already given free rein to passion but without culminating, something that has also been questioned because one movement is seen as much as another.

Anabel and Yulen kiss |  Photo: telecinco.esAnabel and Yulen kiss | Photo: telecinco.es

However, it seems that things are beginning to flow between them and we have already been able to see the first kiss in public of both. With a “nonsense” about love songs, Yulen sang one to Ana Luque so that she could transmit it to Anabel Pantoja and she sang another one back. Finally, and after talking with his companions who are always making cobras, the kiss between the two came in daylight, but very unflattering for the camera, since it could not be seen.

The message from before ‘SV 2022’

The fact of being in ‘Survivors’ for so long means that more information about the contestants is being known and now it has been learned that Anabel Pantoja wrote to Yulen Pereira before entering the contest. The fencer commented on what her cousin had told him about it: “When you wrote to me, do you remember? I told him ‘look, he wrote me this one’ and he said ‘wow, why did he write to you?’ And I say well, because I didn’t know if this was my Insta and she tells me ‘yeah, yeah, I already know women’. Like, well.”

[cimg][img=Anabel y Yulen hablando | Foto: telecinco.es]https://img.bekia.es/articulos/119000/119415/2.jpg[/img]Anabel and Yulen talking | Photo: telecinco.es/cimg]

“She must have been very happy. Have you seen me having a bad time or being sad? Well then. How is my cousin going to be? Happy and happy until you hurt me and break my heart,” he said, joking about the situation. Anabel Pantoja replied: “Perhaps you part it before. You are more affectionate, funnier, more besucón, more stump.” With a smile on his face, the fencer said: “I don’t know what you’re talking about, I don’t know what person you’re talking about. Yulen, the dull one?”

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