Yulen Pereira’s first words about her days with Anabel Pantoja and her reaction to her father’s interview

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Yulen Pereira has been in the eye of the hurricane since ‘Survivors 2022’ has come to an end. The contestant was reunited with Anabel Pantoja on the set the same day that his girlfriend was with her ex-husband, Omar Sánchez, before even seeing him. The reunion was quite cold for what everyone expected, because there was not even a kiss on their own initiative, so everything indicated that the influencer had been a little touched after recording the program with the surfer.

In the midst of all this, Yulen Pereira has had to dodge information and situations as best he could, being by Anabel Pantoja’s side at all times since they met again. In fact, she has called attention to the fact that she has not gone to dinner with her fellow “Survivors” to spend the night with her partner and her friends. In addition, she has also had to face what her father has said in ‘Friday Deluxe’, an interview that she is sure she has not liked.

Anabel Pantoja and Yulen Pereira kissing at their reunion in the final of 'Survivors 2022'Anabel Pantoja and Yulen Pereira kissing at their reunion in the final of ‘Survivors 2022’

Well, in one of the moments in which Yulen Pereira was alone, a reporter from ‘Socialité’ has come to ask him about everything that surrounds him, starting with his first days and nights with Anabel Pantoja: “Very good reunion We have eaten, we have slept what we could and well. Everyone is free to give their opinion but we are very well. We have many plans”.

His father at the center of the controversy

The reporter has also asked him about the relationship between his parents today, something that was discussed in the Deluxe interview: “My parents are separated but they get along very well.” Insisting a bit on the subject of his father, he only said: “A greeting to my father”, before getting into the car, a rather ironic response that would suggest that the interview was not very funny.

Yulen Pereira, contestant on 'Survivors 2022'Yulen Pereira, contestant on ‘Survivors 2022’

Finally, he said: “I am very well. We are both very well, very happy,” he concluded about his relationship with Anabel Pantoja. There is no doubt that the situation is not the best for the couple, since it seems that the fencer’s parents are not too happy with the relationship. On her part, the influencer will have to face, together with Yulen, the broadcast of the “Let yourself be loved” special with Omar Sánchez, of which it is not known how it ended and what wounds from the past it has reopened.

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