You Season 3 Release Date, Cast & Synopsis

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Introduction to You

The psychological thriller series “You” revolves around Joe Goldberg, who is a charming young guy and goes to alarming measures to be a part of people’s lives, particularly those he is intrigued by. He first falls in love with Guinevere Beck in the 1st season, and then with Love Quinn in the 2nd season.

Lets Recap

At the end of 2nd season, before Love Quinn turned into something else, Joe Goldberg thought she was the woman of his dreams. Love fully admitted that she loves Joe and wants to be with him in the 2nd season’s conclusion of You. The murderous duo was always willing to kill if it is deemed necessary. The story ended with Love being pregnant and Joe discovering another love interest who will be identified in the 3rd season.

Expected Cast & Release Date

Even though we don’t have a clear release date for the third season of You yet, Netflix has confirmed that it will air in the final three months of the year 2022.

You Season 3 Release Date, Cast & Plotline!

In the 3rd season of You, Penn Badgley who plays the main character of Joe Goldberg, Victoria Pedretti as Love Quinn, and Saffron Burrows who will be portraying Dottie Quinn have all been confirmed to return. Shalita Grant will play the role of Sherry, Travis Van Winkle as Cary, Tati Gabrielle who will portray Marienne, and Dylan Arnold who will play Dylan are the new cast members.

Expected Fan Plotline

We’ll witness how Joe and Love deal with the changes in their lives in the 3rd season of You. While Joe may become a parent, he must be certain that he does not do anything to provoke Love’s wrath. Love’s character will be explored in greater depth in the upcoming season, which may reveal some surprising sides of her personality. Joe and Love may have a falling out, which might have some disastrous implications.

You Season 3 Release Date, Cast & Plotline!
The Bulletin


Netflix’s guilty pleasure blockbuster deserves its position as one of the platform’s most popular shows. With Carlone Kepnes already writing on book four of her “You” series, the producers should have enough material to work with for a long. The series seems like a fresh, seductive, and strangely hazardous series with merging dark scary vibes and ridiculous twists.

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