Woman Files Restraining Order Against Trevor Bauer Alleging Assault


Restraining Order Filed Against Bauer for Sexual Assault

A 27-year-old woman has recently filed an ex parte order, i.e. a temporary domestic violence restraining order, against the Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher Trevor Bauer. According to the woman, Bauer physically assaulted and choked her during 2 sexual acts at the latter’s residence in Pasadena, California.

The order contains a graphic description of the events. Bauer allegedly threw multiple punches at the woman, engaged in nonconsensual anal sex with her, and choked her with her own hair till she fell unconscious.

Woman Files Restraining Order Against Trevor Bauer Alleging Assault
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What Went Down

According to the order, she met Bauer at his residence on April 21, where they had consensual sex. But then Bauer choked her with her hair till she lost unconsciousness. When she regained senses, Bauer was engaged in a nonconsensual anal sex with her. She asked Bauer to stop and he did. They stayed in touch.

The ex parte document says they met again on May 15 for consensual sex but soon Bauer hit and choked her. She left the next morning with headaches and nausea. She was diagnosed with head and facial trauma. The Pasadena police contacted her and she filed a restraining order only when Bauer continued trying to contact her and no charges had been filed against him, she says.

Multiple Narratives

Bauer has denied all allegations, saying it was “wholly consensual”. Jon Fetterolf, Bauer’s attorney, claims that his client had the woman’s consent, and in fact it was her who had particularly asked Bauers to make it “rough”. Fetterolf also says that the woman knowingly omitted key facts and information on the events and has no basis of filing the order. He says that just the idea that the encounter wasn’t consensual is of baseless and defamatory nature.

Bryan Freedman, the woman’s attorney, lashes back at the Bauer and his attorney’s statements saying it’s wrong, defamatory, and perpetuation of abuse to suggest that his client isn’t a victim of assault

The court will hear the case on July 23.

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