Woman Accused of Starting Fawn Fire Was Boiling Bear Urine to Drink

Subhashree Panda

Recently, a woman came into the news because she was held responsible and was accused of starting a Fawn Fire. She was arrested as she was the prime suspect and every other evidence was going against her. Moreover, she was also interrogated by the Sheriffs about her involvement in other California Forest Fires. We have a small case update and this time there’s a startling story.

Alexandra Souverneva File Photo

Alexandra Souverneva, a 30-year-old Palo Alto, CA resident, was charged with felony arson because of destroying the forest by starting a forest fire in Shasta County and getting local people into trouble. She was booked for 9 years of imprisonment. The Case was lodged a week ago but Alexandra Souverneva pleaded not guilty to Arson charges and told the reason behind the fawn fire. She told the Police Department that she was boiling a Bear’s Urine for drinking as she claimed to have been feeling dehydrated and dizzy. She even asked for Medical Help when she got out of the bush.

The California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection In-charge Sheriff who arrested Alexandra Souverneva told that it is a possibility that Alexandra must have started the Vegetation Fire prior to the night of the Fawn Fire in the city of Shasta Lake. The Fawn Fire started on 22nd September 2022 (Wednesday) and the employees working near Mountain Gate quarries and JF Shea stated that they have identified a woman in her early 30s to have trespassed and entered the forest and was acting outrageously, which was suspicious to many employees.

According to District Attorney Stephanie Bridgett, Alexandra Souverneva has been booked under Felony Arson Charges in which the Arson charges are enhanced because the Fawn Fire she initiated was during a state emergency. She is even on the verge of getting imprisoned for no less than 9 years, if not other penalties would be decided.

On 27th September 2022, (Monday) Governor Gavin Newsome declared openly the requirement of immediate State Emergency for Shasta County in the impact of the Fawn Fire started on Wednesday. The Aftermath of the Fawn Fire was dreadful. Many buildings, houses are destroyed and many residents have been relocated to another place. Acres and acres of land have been devastated due to huge fires.

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