Will Netflix save Charmed?

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The day we’ve been dreading has come… The CW has axed many of its beloved series, sadly, fantasy series Charmed on the canceled list.this Charmed After four seasons running, the reboot is now over.

Are we bound to be surprised Charmed Get guided?No, because The CW is currently on sale and the network just recently canceled some other popular series like batwoman and Legends of Tomorrow. Honestly, no CW show is safe.we just hate that Charmed Must be one of the shows.

Other fan-favorite series canceled on May 12 include dynasty, Naomi, in the darkness, Roswell, NM and 4400Now, fans around the world are mourning and hoping the top streaming service will step up and save the day by picking these shows.

Will our favorite streamers save? Charmed? We discussed the possibility of Netflix choosing the fantasy series below.

Will Netflix save Charmed?

There is a possibility. Just not likely. Netflix signed an output deal with The CW, and new seasons of the fantasy series were released on streaming shortly after they last aired on The CW. Currently, three seasons of the show are streaming on Netflix. If a lot of people stream the show on Netflix and it’s in the top 10 for a long time, then Netflix might see the show’s potential and take it.We’ve seen this happen in appear in the past. But streamers are very picky when it comes to showing, and it’s been a while since we’ve seen Netflix receive a canceled series.

but Charmed Fans, don’t give up hope just yet! Keep streaming, tell everyone you know, and set up events. Let Netflix know why this fantasy series deserves to be picked.

Will Charmed season 4 be on Netflix?

Yes, you can expect season four to still come to Netflix after it airs on The CW. The show’s cancellation doesn’t affect the fourth season coming to Netflix. The output deal between Netflix and The CW basically states that new seasons of the fantasy series will continue to air on Netflix until the series ends. Since season four is the last, this will be the last we’ll see on Netflix.

Fascinating Season 4 Netflix Release Update

Eight days after the CW’s season finale aired, we’ve seen previous seasons drop off on Netflix. With the final episode of Season 4 set to air on June 10, 2022, we’ll likely see Season 4 hit Netflix on June 18.

What are your thoughts on the latest CW show cancellations? Let us know in the comments section below!

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