Will Netflix Save Batwoman or Legends of Tomorrow?

Max Yurva

In case you didn’t hear the unfortunate news from The CW, the network canceled two of its fan-favorite shows. batwoman Three seasons have now ended, and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow It ends after seven seasons.

Cancellation is a huge blow to The CW’s Arrowverse fans as the intertwined superhero show is nearly cut to flash And a few other series adjacent to the original show set. Fans are understandably unhappy.

As with most series that have been prematurely cancelled by their online family, a large number of fans have launched an online campaign to save both batwoman and Legends of Tomorrow. Hashtags and petitions circulated on Twitter, hoping to catch on like wildfire.

But how likely is it that a streaming service like Netflix will suddenly step in to save these superhero shows?We’ll look at the chances Netflix can save batwoman and / or Legends of Tomorrow Or if another streamer is a better option for Arrowverse fans.

Will Netflix save Batwoman?

Unfortunately, Netflix is ​​extremely unlikely to save batwomanFor starters, the series didn’t call Netflix its streaming home, which didn’t incentivize streamers to get the show’s distribution rights and green-light season four.

Now, batwomanThe best chance to save for Season 4 is on HBO Max, with all three seasons playable. It’s unclear how likely it is for a novice streamer to revive the series, as we haven’t really seen the precedent for that, but keep making the noise!

Will Netflix Save Legends of Tomorrow?

unlike Bartoman, all seven seasons Legends of Tomorrow Can be streamed on Netflix, which means that particular series is more likely to be saved by the streamer.We’ve seen Netflix like to give shows a second shot, most recently appear.

But before we throw too many unfounded hopes, appear It is such a specific case. The series drew billions of streaming minutes for a week in a row, making it inevitable for Netflix to come back for more. legend Not that much success on Netflix, so manage your expectations.

Would you like to see more seasons or wrap-up movies of the series? Share your opinion in the comments section!

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