Will Lori Loughlin’s Abigail Stanton return for season 9 of Calling the Heart?

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Abigail Stanton (Lori Loughlin) shocked audiences by leaving Hope Valley abruptly in Season 6 of When the Mind Calls. There has been a lot of speculation about her character making a comeback in season 9, causing a stir among fans. Let’s find out the truth behind Abigail’s fate on the show, shall we?

What happened to Abigail Stanton?

When Elizabeth arrived in Hope Valley, Abigail Stanton was one of the first people to meet her enthusiastically. She struggled to cope with the grief of losing her husband and son in a coal mine explosion. Over time, however, she proved herself to be an excellent leader when she united the widows to work in the coal mine to save their home. Additionally, she bravely stands up to Henry Gawain’s corrupt practices and sets out to find the truth behind the coal mine accident.

With Elizabeth’s encouragement, Abigail opened her own cafe and helped her daughter-in-law Clara find a new direction in life. She gets closer to Bill Avery when he begins investigating the coal mine explosion with her. But their budding romance is soon threatened when his ex-wife arrives at Hope Valley and terrorizes Abigail. Later, she finds friendship with Pastor Frank Hogan and helps him find acceptance in the town despite his dark past.

Frank and Abigail take care of her adopted children Cody and Becky. Sadly, their brief relationship ended when he decided to leave and become a chaplain at Children’s Hospital. After he left, she went to great lengths to help the town as mayor, fought the railroad company, brought the phone to Hope Valley, and saved the bank.

Additionally, Abigail supported Henry’s chances of redemption and proved to be Elizabeth’s greatest source of strength, especially after Jack’s death. When she suddenly learns that her mother is ill, she and Cody leave Hope Valley and settle in Brookfield. Although, she and Henry maintained a written communication for a while.

Will Lori Loughlin return to ‘Calling the Mind’?

Lori Loughlin’s character Abigail was abruptly written off in Season 6 of “When Calls the Heart” in 2019 due to his involvement in a college bribery scandal. After that, the actress completed her 2-month prison sentence and started planning her comeback on TV. As a result, it was widely speculated that she would reprise the role of Abigail in “When the Heart Calls”. However, the network was quick to dismiss the rumors, saying they had no intention of continuing to work with her.

Still, fans of the show will be delighted to see Lori return as Abigail in its spinoff “When Hope Calls.” While there’s no indication she’ll be returning for Season 9 of When the Heart Calls, her character is mentioned multiple times in the narrative. For example, when season 8 ended, Henry decided to leave town to find an old friend. Later, in season 9, it was revealed that he wrote to Abigail, likely to see her.

On top of that, the show’s executive producer Brian Bird said on Dr. Steve Green’s podcast “Greenelines” that he would be interested in having Lori return to the show. But with no official announcement from her or the producers, she’s less likely to appear in season 9. However, fans can remain hopeful as the possibility of her return in the next few seasons cannot be completely ruled out. For now, the only news we can get about Abigail is her new life in When Hope Calls and the fond memories of her from Hope Valley residents.

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