Why doesn’t God give me what I ask for when I pray? An Archbishop responds

Jasjot Singh

Bishop José Antonio Eguren, Archbishop of Piura and Tumbes in the north of Peru, responded to the question about why sometimes God does not give what a person asks for when he or she prays.

In his homily this Sunday, July 24, the Peruvian Prelate said that it is possible that someone thinks that it is not worth praying because they do not feel heard by the Lord.

“Someone could object: I have asked and God has not listened to me. Why hasn’t God granted me what I asked for in my prayer? Most likely, because we have asked for things that He knows are not the most convenient for us.”.

For this reason, the Archbishop stressed, “Jesus concludes our Sunday Gospel with this teaching: ‘What father is there among you who, if his son asks for a fish, gives him a snake instead of a fish? or, if he asks for an egg, does he give him a scorpion? If, then, you, being evil, you know how to give good things to your children, how much more will the Heavenly Father give the Holy Spirit to those who ask him!’”.

Mons. Eguren encouraged to have “always the certainty that our Father God, listens to us and always gives us what suits us bestalthough there are times when we believe, that he does not answer our prayers “.

teach to pray

In his homily, the Archbishop encouraged “the parents, and the grandfathers and grandmothers, who teach your children and grandchildren to pray”.

“From the simplest things like making the sign of the cross, learning basic Christian prayers like the Our Father and Hail Mary, visiting the Blessed Sacrament, to reading and meditating on Holy Scripture, and devoutly and appropriately participating in Sunday Mass.”

Likewise, he continued, “I urge you to let us live mercy by teaching others to pray”.

“How many people are there today who are hungry to learn to pray, like the disciples in our Sunday Gospel. Teaching to pray is an invaluable work of mercy in the eyes of our Father God”, explained the Archbishop.

The Peruvian Prelate also highlighted the importance of praying with perseverance and confidence, without getting tired.

There is nothing more beautiful than praying”, he stressed.

In this link you can read the readings for this Sunday, including today’s Gospel of Saint Luke 11:1-13 https://www.aciprensa.com/calendario/calendario.php?dia=24&mes=7&ano=2022

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