Who is Dex in Dynasty Season 5?

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dynasty Season 5 returns with brand new episodes on March 11, finally bringing some delightful escapism back to our Friday nights. After a two-hour holiday special premiere, dynasty’Enter the game with new twists and new characters.

exist dynasty In Season 5, Episode 3, Fallon is immediately back at work, seemingly going straight into the workaholic mode of her past. Her older sister Amanda fights hard for her place in the company as she fights to stop a drone spy and clear Alexis.

Obviously, it’s not an easy task, as Adam has done a fantastic job of framing his mother and covering his tracks. However, a new development has landed on Amanda’s lap in the strangest way possible for the most unlikely character.

If you’re wondering about Dex, who was introduced in episode 3, and what role he’ll end up playing in the big picture dynasty Season 5, we’re sharing everything we know so far.

spoiler from dynasty Season 5 Episode 3 Early!

Dynasty Season 5 Dex

When Amanda tires of the drone hovering over her balcony and monitoring what’s going on at Alexis’ apartment, she and Kirby go to great lengths to find out where it came from and who the voyeur is operating the drone.

Amanda tracks the drone to a building across the street and walks there to knock on Peeping Tom’s door. She meets Dex (Pej Vahdat) who is not the “pervert” she was looking for. He didn’t operate the equipment, but his nephew did.

Once Amanda and Dex came to an agreement, he helped her retrieve the drone footage that cleared Alexis of the murder charge. She also kept Adam out of trouble (temporarily) despite Alexis cheating on the business he was working on, because what was the mother for?

The deadline announcement that Vahdat would be a resident player for Season 5 hinted that he and Alexis would eventually meet, and they did. As it turns out, Dex is an old friend of the Carringtons, who go back a long way. Alexis and Dex had a drink at the party and caught up. We can only imagine where this season will take these two.

been watching dynasty Watch the storyline on Friday, September 8th on The CW, and be sure to watch dynasty Seasons 1-4 on Netflix.

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