Who did Prudence Featherington marry in Bridgetown?

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“Bridgeton” season 2 brings another season of weddings in Ton, with a flurry of young (and some not-so-young) looking to find the perfect match. Of course, in the Regency London show scene, the perfect match often meant the richest, and this was especially true for Fetherington sisters Philippa and Prudence.

Although the former seems to have found her match, Prudence remains clearly “available” until a sudden event (and some quick thinking from her mother Lady Portia Fetherington) sees Featherling Dayton’s eldest daughter is engaged to a very unexpected suitor. Do you want to know how things will play out? Let’s see if Prudence Featherington gets married in “Bridgeton.” Spoilers ahead.

Who is Prudence Fetherington married to?

In season 1 of ‘Bridgeton’, where Daphne Bridgerton made her London High Society wedding season debut, it was clear that Prudence had been in all the galas before. This appears to be the third wedding season for the Fetherington siblings, in which she also failed to find a suitor. Mrs Fetherington often seemed more keen than her daughters to find suitable mates for them.

So, “Bridgeton” season 2 opens with Prudence again at all of the wedding season events, even as her sister Philippa shows off her upcoming nuptials. After Lord Fetherington’s death, Fetherington’s coffers dried up, and Lady Portia was all the more eager to see Prudence marry a rich man. When the late Lord’s nephew, Jack Fetherington, arrives from America to take charge of the Featherington estate, Lady Portia sets out to find a way to control his vast (and ostensibly) wealth.

Mother finds Prudence and Jack Featherington alone in the orange grove at a party, and she gets her chance. While the two happened to be in the garden and their interaction was entirely innocent, Mrs Portia claimed that Jack had tarnished her daughter’s name and must now marry her. Of course, the lady’s intention was to marry her daughter to her nephew’s vast fortune, which made it all the more hilarious when Jack was revealed to be almost completely bankrupt, saying his ruby ​​mine was worthless.

Of course, Prudence, ignorant of Jack’s lack of wealth, remains dutifully engaged to her cousin. However, she did point out that he barely spoke to her, unaware that Jack was busy with his own plans to try and ensnare a wealthy wife and get rich through a dowry. The sham engagement comes to an end when Colin Bridgerton discovers Jack’s plans and threatens to expose them.

In order to defraud the Ton members, Jack tries to convince his accomplice, Mrs. Portia, to flee to the United States with him. The con man forgot about his engagement to Prudence, then tried to woo his mother. However, Lady Portia knows nothing about it and turns things around on Jack, forcing him to flee while keeping half of her ill-gotten gains.

So, at the end of season 2, Prudence, unmarried with her con artist cousin and fiancé Jack, appears to have run away with his tail between his legs. The silver lining, however, is that the Featheringtons will be able to replenish their coffers to some extent, securing their place in Ton, and there’s a good chance we’ll see Prudence in future wedding seasons looking for suitors again.

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