Which Canadian Banks Allow Cryptocurrency? Top 8 Crypto-friendly Banks In Canada


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It’s crucial to choose a trustworthy bank to engage with when investing in cryptocurrencies. Knowing which banks will make the process simple for Canadians and which ones will make it difficult is important. But after you’ve read this post, actively avoiding the subpar choices ought to be rather simple, so let’s get started!

Considering all the many costs and benefits connected with chequing accounts may be overwhelming, which is why reading a guide like this will always be beneficial, for people who are new in this field.

What Makes a Bank “Crypto-Friendly”?

Banks aren’t always your biggest supporter when you want to participate in the cryptocurrency market and need to transfer your money onto exchanges. Some of them will restrict or prevent cryptocurrency transactions altogether since they want you to stay and invest with them using conventional stocks and other instruments. 

You won’t ever have to fear your investments being refused by the bank if you deal with a bank that is regarded as being accommodating to crypto investors. While some of them have a rigid “no cryptocurrency” rule, others are more accommodative and tolerant. If you’re wanting to buy Bitcoin, Ethereum, or anything else for the first time, using this tutorial can help you a lot! 

Canada’s Top 8 Crypto-Friendly Banks

Discover Canada’s banks that are the most supportive of cryptocurrencies by looking at the list below. 

1. Toronto-Dominion as one (TD)

Toronto Dominion (formerly known as TD Canada Trust), which is perhaps the most crypto-friendly bank, permits account holders to buy cryptocurrency through eTransfer, credit/debit cards, and wire transfers. While credit purchases for cryptocurrencies have been authorised, they will only be approved after manual inspection, according to their statement that they regularly disregard its policies to offer the utmost protection for both their clients and TD.

The lowest chequing account is offered by TD ($3.95/month plus other costs).

2. National Bank of Canada

The National Bank of Canada is aggressively encouraging its clients to invest in cryptocurrencies utilising any of their financial services or products, as they do so with open arms. As a result, you may fill your exchange account using eTransfer, wire transfers, and credit/debit cards without having to worry about any blockages.

National Bank is a banking organisation that has written extensively about cryptocurrency in recent years, and it appears that they are aiming to be one of the industry leaders in innovation. The Minimalist ($3.95/month plus extra costs) is the cheapest chequing account.

3. Tangerine

In 2014, Scotiabank launched Tangerine, a prominent online bank in Canada. Because of its connections to Scotiabank, it is one of the few banking institutions that hasn’t deviated much from the standard for brick and store banks.

Tangerine is one of the few Canadian banks that has accepted cryptocurrencies in spite of this, nevertheless. It provides extra features like overall spending alerts and sub-savings accounts termed goals, which enable saving for a specific purpose simpler, and you can currently buy cryptocurrency using Interac e-Transfers.

It enables Interac e-Transfers for the purchase of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies and has high-quality security features.


4. Coast Capital

Coast Capital offers consumers to buy cryptocurrencies with confidence and does not restrict any transactions; you may buy it by eTransfer, wire transfer, credit card, or debit card. Additionally, they’ve demonstrated a willingness to experiment and engage with cutting-edge technology by recently announcing the inclusion of improved digital services via the nCino platform. Their incredible dedication to being adaptable and meeting consumer demands indicates that they might emerge as a formidable force in the near future. Personal Chequing Account ($0/month) is the least expensive type of account.

5. Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CIBC)

Although using your debit card to deal in cryptocurrencies is always a possibility, I was informed that using eTransfer and wire transfers may be subject to inspection. You cannot utilise credit at CIBC to buy any crypto assets; some transactions will be denied, while others may go ahead after being validated by an official party (as usual).

Everyday Chequing Account ($4.00/month plus extra costs) is the least expensive chequing account.

6. Scotiabank

If certain conditions are satisfied, customers of the Bank of Nova Scotia are permitted to buy cryptocurrencies using wire transfers, debit cards, and eTransfer. There are several incredible Canadian cryptocurrency exchanges available nowadays, so you won’t have any trouble finding one if you try to wire money to one that isn’t situated in Canada.

Best-Value Chequing Account: Basic Bank Account ($3.95 per month plus further charges)


Like the majority of the other crypto-friendly banks on our list, HSBC allows you to fill your accounts or make purchases using any means than a credit card. This implies that if you’re an HSBC client, you can buy things like Bitcoin using eTransfer, wire transfer, or even a debit card.

Performance Chequing is the most affordable chequing account ($4.00/month plus extra expenses).

8. ATB

ATB has supported cryptocurrencies since at least 2019, and even while they work to educate their clients about the risks involved, they continue to let them move money to exchanges and make transactions. They provide a Visa-enabled ATB debit card and allow international wire transfers for $5.00 if the total is less than $999.99 (anything over $1,000 is free!). As an ATB client, you may buy cryptocurrencies using eTransfer as well.

Pay As You Go Chequing ($0/month) is the least expensive checking account.

What to Search for in Canadian banks accepting cryptocurrency

You’ll need to assess a good number of characteristics that some of these institutions may provide while seeking the top bank in Canada that also accepts bitcoin transactions. You have to look for:

  • When selecting a Canadian bank, security can’t be compromised. This is true, especially when searching for a Canadian bank that accepts cryptocurrency. Consider whether your bank has ever been hacked or how it protects your money when evaluating the security and safety of your account. 
  • Support For Fiat To Crypto: You should also think about if you can pay your expenses directly using cryptocurrency. Finding a bank that permits this is ideal since it makes things so much simpler. 
  • Fees: The cost of completing transactions in your Canadian bank is another crucial factor to take into account, particularly if the bank permits you to pay bills using cryptocurrencies. What good is having an account with a bank if some of your investment profits may be lost just because of the bank you selected to use?
  • Recognized Cryptocurrencies: Another thing to think about is if the preferred Canadian bank offers support for the cryptocurrency you’re interested in. Once you buy your cryptocurrencies with a crypto-friendly bank, you can trade them with an auto trading bot like the bitcoin era to make a handsome income. 


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