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Created by Pam Veasey, “Long Slow Exhale” is a sports series set in the world of women’s college basketball. JC Abernathy (Rose Rollins) is the head coach of the freshly won NCAA Women’s Basketball Championship Clayton Hall Cougars. Victory took a turn for the worse when she found herself embroiled in a sexual abuse scandal. In order to uncover the truth and save her career, JC begins to investigate the situation on her own. In the search for the truth, the head coach must ensure that her decisions do not end up hurting her, her family, and the promising athletes she is responsible for.

The show tackles the big issues surrounding competitive sports and colleges that are often glossed over. In addition to its impressive storyline and racially diverse cast, “Long Slow Exhale” has a stunning setting and setting that keeps the atmosphere around the beloved sport real and alive. We’re sure you’re curious to know exactly where the sports series was filmed, here’s all we know!

long breath shooting location

“Long Slow Exhale” was filmed in Atlanta, Georgia’s capital and most populous city. According to sources, production on season 1 of the show will begin sometime in March 2021. Now, let’s take a look at the specifics of the locations that appear in the play!

Atlanta, Georgia

The historic city of Atlanta is full of dazzling skyscrapers and was the filming location for Spectrum’s “Long Slow Exhale.” The city has a close basketball relationship with its own NBA team, the Atlanta Hawks. Several colleges in the city also help keep the women’s college basketball circuit alive. Those teams include the Georgia State Panthers and the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets.

Atlanta is a major hotspot for higher education in the United States, with more than 15 college and university campuses in the city. Adjacent areas of the metropolis have more higher education institutions. The city even had the honor of hosting the 1996 Summer Olympics. This Olympic Games is of great significance. 197 countries recognized by NOCs participated in the event that year, and 24 of them participated in the Summer Olympics for the first time.

Interestingly, the cast of “Long Slow Exhale” are not just sports enthusiasts, some of them are also experienced in basketball. Also, the issues that come up in the series are deeply on the hearts of many people, so they are more than happy to be a part of the production.

Atlanta has fully equipped production facilities and highly skilled film crews readily available. So it’s no wonder that the city has been a filming location for shows like The Walking Dead, Ozarks, and Stranger Things. With its stunning beauty, cultural diversity, and talented population, we’re sure to see Atlanta in more upcoming TV shows and movies.

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