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The First Lady by Aaron Cooley is an anthology serial Describes the tenures of three of the most influential first ladies of the United States. The show follows the lives of three FLOTUS in parallel – Michelle Obama, Barack Obama’s wife, Gerald Ford’s spouse Betty Ford, and Franklin D. Leno Roosevelt. The East Wing of the White House is home to the First Lady and her staff, and it is here that most of these remarkable women’s achievements take place.

Viola Davis, Michelle Pfeifferand Gillian Anderson Play the role of a strong heroine. Their performances, as well as the program’s well-researched and brilliantly narrated, offer a glimpse into the work done by the First Lady of the United States or the FLOTUS office. The series beautifully showcases the ladies in their professional environment as they demonstrate how much their work impacts the running of the country. The setting provides an official and luxurious setting where historical scenes come to life. If you’re wondering where the show was filmed, we’ve got everything you need to know!

first lady filming location

“The First Lady” was filmed in several Georgia cities, but most of the show was apparently filmed at the White House. These places include Covington, Atlanta and Macon in Georgia. Production on the series begins in February 2021. In an interview with The Washington Post, production designer Tony Fanning shared that a lot of research was done to create the historical drama’s sets to get the smallest details. Let’s get into the details of these shooting locations!

Covington, Georgia

Located in Newton County, Georgia, Covington is one of the most famous filming locations for the series. Cinelease Studios – Third Ring is a film studio at 11642 Georgia Highway, where several scenes from The First Lady were filmed. Materials needed to build the sets at the studio were reportedly shipped in from across Georgia, New England and Los Angeles to maintain the authenticity of the FLOTUS offices and other locations.

Production was also taking place on Monticello Street, which doubled as a filming location, primarily for the Betty Ford scenes. The team also recorded some scenes from the first season on Reynolds Street. The Town House Cafe at 1145 Washington Street South West is also the setting for the series.

Other locations used by the production team to film the first season of the anthology series include Simms Barbershop at 1137 Hendrick Street South West, and the South Curb of Washington Street from Hendrick Street to Monticello Street. these years, The small city has hosted the filming of several shows, including “The Vampire Diaries” and “Legacy.”

Atlanta, Georgia

Atlanta, the capital of Georgia, is a popular filming location for movies and shows. The “First Lady” team also filmed several of the show’s South Hollywood scenes. In April 2021, a sign with the words “FLOTUS” was found in the Hunter Hills area around Chicamauga Avenue North West and Sharon Street North West. The footage outside the White House was shot at Tyler Perry Studios, located southwest of downtown Atlanta, on the land of the former Fort McPherson.The vast city becomes the filming location Multiple shows, such as “Moon Knight” and “The Walking Dead.”

Macon, Georgia

Macon, also known as the Heart of Georgia, is located in the center of the state and is part of Bieber County. Known for its cultural atmosphere and film festival, the city has been the location for the historical drama “The First Lady” several times. The production crew was spotted on Poplar Street near St. Joseph’s Catholic Church in downtown Macon before production on the first season began. “Black Widow” and “Green Book” are some of the many projects filmed in the historic city.

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