Where was Heartstopper filmed?5 Interesting Facts About LGBTQ+ Drama

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The much-anticipated release heart block, Alice Oseman’s graphic novel adaptation, coming soon! This new romantic teenage LGBTQ+ series will hit Netflix on Friday, April 22nd and is sure to be a hit with audiences considering its rave reviews.

heart block Has a huge following around the world for its healthy boy meets boy love story. It follows teenage classmates Nick Nelson (Kit Connor) and Charlie Spring (Joe Rock) as their friendship develops into something more.If you’re curious about an upcoming show and want to impress your friends and colleagues with your knowledge, check out where heart block Being filmed, these five fun facts about the show below!

Where was Heartstopper filmed?

According to Netflix, the eight-episode adaptation of the popular graphic novel series was filmed entirely in the UK. More specifically, the scenes were filmed in and around Herne Bay, a coastal village in the Canterbury region of Kent, England, according to IMDb. Production begins in late April 2021 and runs until June 2021.

Of course, according to the comics, a lot of the scene will take place at Truham Grammar School, which is unfortunately a fictional place, but it will come to life in the Netflix drama, as Alice Oseman’s recent Instagram post teases.

Fun Fact 1 – The series uses real teenage actors!

According to an article in The Guardian, Kit Connor and Joe Locke were tapped to take on the roles of Nick and Charlie because the producers wanted a “more realistic picture” of the teenage experience. This is also a very strong feeling for Alice Oseman.

“There aren’t enough shows where real teens play teens,” she told the publication in March.

Fun Fact 2 – The Ear Stopper series is based on real life!

In an article with Sean Z, Alice Osman revealed that she drew inspiration for the collection from her own life.

“For me, it’s often part of my personal experience as a queer person,” Alice said in a May 2021 interview.

“Much of Heartstopper comes from my own life – I also attended a single-sex grammar school in a conservative town in the South East of England, and the world of Heartstopper and the people in it are inspired by life there.”

Fun Fact 3 – Hearstopper is in the same universe as other Alice Ottoman novels!

According to Heartstopper Wiki, the webcomic series started about “8 months before the event” Solitaire (2015). and is “set in the same universe” as in Radio Silence (2017), I was born for this (2018)and No Love (2022).

Fun Fact 4 – Alice Osman maintained creative leadership throughout the production of the show!

With the help of See-Saw Films, Alice wrote and executive produced the eight episodes of Heartstopper, which hit Netflix this month. According to a video interview with Gavin Hetherington, the production company behind the series “seized the opportunity” by encouraging her to write the script. She was told Gavin:

“They let me try to write the first three episodes because I’ve never written any scripts before and I could be bad, in which case they’d have to find someone else, but thankfully they really liked what I wrote I had to write the whole thing. And it was the best.”

Fun Fact 5 – Hearstopper Challenges LGBTQ+ Stereotypes

In a May 2019 interview, Alice Osman revealed that she intended to challenge LGBTQ+ stereotypes with her graphic novel, making an athletic teen character part of the community.

“I wanted to challenge the idea that a person’s sexuality is determined by their appearance or interests, and vice versa. People can be complex and multi-faceted,” Alice told Reading Field.

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