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Netflix Adam Project Ryan Reynolds plays a time traveler from 2050 named Adam Reed who accidentally flies his quantum jet into the aftermath of his childhood in 2022 and reunited with his 12-year-old self, played by newcomer Walker Scobell. The two Adams set out to find their father, who died in 2018, so they fly back in time to find him.

The film obscures where young Adam and his mom Allie (played by Jennifer Garner) actually live, depicting a gorgeous but fuzzy Pacific Northwest. They are close to the sea and their yard is a lush forest-like wonderland. As the Adams family find their father Louis (Mark Ruffalo) together, they trek against a backdrop of beautiful woods and sandy beaches, and the film leaves audiences wondering, where are these beautiful places?

where Adam Project filmed?

a majority of Adam Project Filmed in and around Vancouver, Canada, which happens to be Ryan Reynolds’ hometown. (His social media handle is a nod to the city: @vancityreynolds.) Locations such as Jack Poole Plaza, Park Royal Shopping Centre and local pub The Blarney Stone featured in the film, Lynn Canyon Park and Kitsilano Beach Also appeared in the movie. outdoor scene. (This interactive map shows every Vancouver location featured in the film.)

However, Reed’s home and backyard were built on the Vancouver Hockey Arena set, which became the soundstage used in the film. “We wanted the interior of the house to look like the split-level dream home you’d typically find in the Pacific Northwest,” explained production designer Claude Paré in the film’s press materials. But it wasn’t All yards are real or filmed on set, some lush yards were digitally transformed with VFX.

Paley also explained that the interiors of the Sorian laboratory that appear in the film were also built for the film, but they were inspired by a real location — CERN — a nuclear research facility in Switzerland. “It’s aesthetic has always fascinated me. I took the most famous part of the complex — the Large Hadron Collider — and made it vertical instead of horizontal. Some will question the practicality of it all, but when While you can create a machine that doesn’t actually require work, it’s fun to piece those elements together just for how they look,” he said.

Adam Project Now available on Netflix.

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