Where is Nicholas Shirley now?renew

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Residents of a hotel in Festus, Missouri, witnessed a scene from a horror movie when they noticed several dogs loitering near a parking lot, covered in blood. Police intervened immediately, and officers tracked down the blood and dogs before finding the bodies of Jill and Tom Estes. The investigation’s discovery of “No Evil: Bloodstains” transports viewers into gruesome murders and shows how the perpetrators became serial killers. Let’s take a closer look at the case and find out where the killer is currently, shall we?

How did Jill and Tom Estes die?

Jill and Tom Estes, from Arkansas, stayed at a hotel in Festus for their graduation party. They chose the hotel because it allowed them to keep pets. However, Jill and Tom had no idea that they would be the last two victims of the serial killer. The couple’s loved ones, who were described as very helpful and pleasant, mentioned how an anger-fueled crime took two beautiful lives.

On June 29, 2008, residents of the Festus Hotel noticed the couple’s dog roaming around the parking lot, covered in blood. People panicked and called the police immediately, but police found no trace of the couple in their room. However, authorities used the dogs to sniff out missing persons and managed to find the bodies along a 1.5-mile-long blood trail.

Interestingly, the body was behind a local gas station and police realized that Jill and Tom had been murdered elsewhere before being thrown at the scene. Moreover, the autopsy later determined that the two were beaten to death, and although the dog was present, there was nothing he could do. As a result, the police held two bodies in their hands and launched a thorough homicide investigation.

Who killed Jill and Tom Estes?

Interestingly, even while investigating the murders of Jill and Tom, police were looking for a serial killer named Nicholas Shelley who was wanted for six unrelated murders in Illinois. According to the show, when his DNA was found at the crime scene, police were following Shirley and his wife agreed to testify against him. However, while Shirley was still missing, police began investigating the deaths of Jill and Tom, and then extracted foreign DNA samples from the crime scene.

To everyone’s surprise, the DNA match with Shirley makes the police realize that the serial killer is behind the double murder. Additionally, Shirley was spotted by numerous CCTV cameras, which helped detectives build a solid timeline and proved beyond doubt that Shirley was responsible for killing Tom and Jill.

By then, the suspect had become the subject of a nationwide hunt, and authorities had even plastered his picture on social media, television and newspapers. Thankfully, their plans paid off, and it wasn’t long before the police got word that Shirley was spending his days in Granite City. So on July 1, 2008, the authorities followed some valuable tips that helped them arrest Shirley outside the bar.

Where is Nicholas Shirley now?

Once in court over the Illinois murders, he was each found guilty, which resulted in him serving six life sentences and an additional several years on other charges. However, because Illinois does not have the death penalty, prosecutors extradited him to Missouri, where he stood trial for the 2017 murders of Gill and Tom Estes. Before the case went to a jury trial, however, Shirley pleaded guilty to two separate counts of first-degree murder and armed criminal conduct.

As a result, he was sentenced to two life sentences and two additional 75-year sentences for armed crimes. In addition, the judge mentioned that his sentence in Missouri will be executed consecutively and concurrently with his sentence in Illinois. So, with no parole in sight, Nicholas Shelley remains in custody at the Lawrence Correctional Center in Sumner, Illinois.

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