Where do Jibri and Miona of 90 Day Fiancé live now?

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TLC’s ’90 Day Fiancé’ makes funny TV show as it follows US citizens who are engaged to foreigners. Once the foreign partner comes to the United States on a K-1 visa, they have a total of 90 days to marry or risk deportation. Unfortunately, 90 days is a short amount of time for any pair of people solving a problem, let alone a problem belonging to a completely different background. However, it will be interesting to witness how everyone goes to great lengths to settle down in the name of love.

When Season 9 of “90 Day Fiancé” introduced South Dakota native Jibri Bell and his Serbian fiancée Miona, we witnessed the latter’s heightened concerns about staying in South Dakota. Miona wants to live a luxurious life in a big city like Los Angeles. As a result, it was difficult for her to adjust to Gibry’s life. Still, the couple look promising, raising curiosity about where they are now. Let’s dive into more, shall we?

Where do Jibri and Miona live now?

Jibri met his Serbian fiancee Miona while playing with his band in southern Serbia. After seeing her in the crowd, Gibry is determined to get to know her. Soon, the two realize they have a mutual attraction. It didn’t take long for the two to come together. Throughout their relationship, Gibry and Miona seemed to travel a lot. In fact, during one of their many trips, Gibry finally got down on one knee, and Miona readily accepted his proposal.

At the time, Jibri used to live in Los Angeles with his bandmates, and Miona dreamed of a lavish life in the big city. However, once back in his home country from Serbia, Jibri decided to move back to his parents’ house in Rapid City to save money. He even claimed that his relationship with Miona led to such a decision because he wanted to secure their future.

Unfortunately, Miona absolutely disliked the decision and claimed that she would not be able to live in South Dakota. Miona even reconsidered the relationship, but decided to visit her fiancé’s country anyway. When she arrived in the U.S., Miona couldn’t stop comparing Rapid City to metros like Miami and Los Angeles. She also used every opportunity to express her displeasure, publicly criticizing Gibry’s hometown, even in front of his parents.

Also, she objected to the idea of ​​getting married in South Dakota, mentioning instead that she wanted a beach wedding. While it seems impossible for the two to come to an understanding, Miona and Jibri have apparently resolved their issues at the time of writing. Miona even changed her last name to “Bell” on social media, hinting at a possible marriage.

As far as where they live, it appears Gibry and Miona are currently living in California. That being said, the Serbian national appears to be in close contact with Gibry’s parents. Also, they have always been keen travelers and constantly share photos from their travels. It’s great to see Jibri and Miona’s love blossom and we wish them happiness in the years to come.

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