What’s New in Crunchyroll for May 2022

Max Yurva

Crunchyroll will launch a slew of new anime on its stream in May 2022, including Space Dandy, Link Click, Sonny Boy, Trigun, and Keep. In addition, they have new voiceovers for most of the subtitled content, including fairy tail, prison school, and Chain Chronicle. Check out the list below for the full list of Crunchyroll’s new collections:

Available May 3rd

Shironeko Project ZERO Chronicle (Project No.9)

Wild Way: Rise (ENGI)

Available May 5th

reserved (map)

Available May 10th

Space Playboy Seasons 1-2 (Bone)

Initial D Phase 1 (Gallop / Studio Comet)

Grimgar, Ashes and Illusions (A-1 image)

Lord Marksman and Vanadis (Satellite Light)

Available May 17th

Trigun (Madhouse)

Link Click (Studio LAN)

Link Click Special Shorts (Studio LAN)

Black Lagoon Seasons 1-2 (Madhouse)

Collider video of the day

Black Lagoon: Roberta’s Bloodstain OVAs 1-5 (Asylum)

Valkyrie Drive – Mermaid – (Weapon)

Initial D Phase 2 (Pastels)

Initial D Phase 3 (Studio DEEN)

Nekopara (Felix Films)

Available May 24th

Sonny Boy (Madhouse)

Banished by the party of heroes, I decided to live a peaceful life in the country (Wolf Venom and Studio Vlad)

decadence (nuts)

Gymnastic Samurai (MAPPA)

Heaven’s Lost Property Seasons 1-2 (AIC ASTA)

Initial D Stage 4 (ACGT)

Tired of reading? Here are the new voice-overs from the current series on Crunchyroll:

Available May 3rd

Fairy Tail Seasons 3-4 (A-1 Image & Satellite Lights)

ISEKAI QUARTET Season 1 (Studio Puyukai)

Prison School (JCStaff)

Chain Chronicle – Light of Haecceitas – (Telecom Animation Film/Graphinica)

Remote Kana reception (C2C)

Available May 10th

Tsuredure Children (Studio Gokumi)

Fairy Tail Seasons 5-6 (A-1 Image & Satellite Lights)

ISEKAI QUARTET Season 2 (Studio Puyukai)

Available May 17th

Fairy Tail Season 7 (A-1 Image and Bridge)

Available May 24th

Fairy Tail Season 8 (A-1 Image/Bridge)

Fairy Tail Final Season 9 (A-1 Pictures/Bridge/CloverWorks)

Three Stars for Hijo

The 10 Best Anime Streamers Right Now on Crunchyroll

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