What Could be the End of Money Heist Season 5 to be Streamed on Netflix

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Fans were teased with footage of Spain’s favorite criminals in peril by the creative team of “Money Heist”. One thing that we are sure about is that no one is safe in the upcoming season. So far, fans have said their goodbyes to Berlin, Moscow, Nairobi, and Oslo, and the loss of each of these characters has been devastating to the crew.

More is on the way, and many fans believe that one battle-ready character will be the next to be greeted in the afterlife. Before you read our predictions for Money Heist 5th season’s ending, read what we know about the upcoming season.

What do We Know About the 5th Season of Money Heist?

The 5th season will consist of ten full episodes split into two volumes. The series’ summary on Netflix merely gives a taste of what’s to come, and it doesn’t sound like a complete success. For around 100 hours, the gang has been incarcerated at the Bank of Spain. They were also able to protect Lisbon, but now they are confronting their darkest hour after losing one of their own.

Sierra has abducted the Professor, and for the first time, he doesn’t have an escape strategy. When it appears that nothing more could go wrong, an enemy arrives who is far more formidable than any they’ve encountered before, the army.

Money Heist Season 5
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Some Predictions About Denver’s Death Are Being Made!

Fans are already betting on which characters will die in the Bank of Spain after seeing the latest trailer for the 5th season of Money Heist. Denver’s name keeps coming up, especially on social media, where fans are anticipating he will die. Why is it so? There’s a clue in the world where the four deceased robbers are hanging out.

Denver along with some other beloved characters was seen having snacks with Moscow in a scene, like Berlin, Oslo, and Nairobi looked on. The majority of these characters have grown on viewers, and Denver has progressed. In the 1st season, he lost his father, Moscow, and fell in love with one of the hostages named Monica, with whom he is now seen raising a child.

When it comes to conflict, though, Denver is a fighter and unafraid. He’ll protect those he cares about, even if it means putting up with a bullet. Some online fans believe he’ll die fighting the military or Arturo in Stockholm.

Some Fans Believe That the Professor Won’t Be Able to Survive!

It’s worth pointing out that two additional surviving members of the crew were there in a similar afterlife event as Denver and Moscow: Professor and Oslo. Nairobi, dressed in her red gown, watches as they bring him a platter of cookies. It would not be strange if the mastermind died, even though it would be painful.

Everyone in the room, including the audience, would cry. Furthermore, the professor is already thought to be dead because former inspector Sierra has him in her grasp. She intends to torture him, according to the trailer for the 5th season. She’s out of work and preoccupied with shutting down the team.

Money Heist Season 5
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She doesn’t want to be a part of Viva la Resistencia! Professor’s death would turn him into a martyr in the eyes of the Madrid public, crushing Tokyo and the rest of the band. He’s on a quest started by his father, sparked by Berlin, and carried out by his improvised family. It would be a fantastic conclusion to the entire affair.

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