May18 , 2021

What and When Can We Expect The Last Kingdom Season 5 To Air on Netflix?


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Historical dramas on Netflix have a separate fan base of their own. And series The Last Kingdom is no different. With four successful seasons so far, fans are eagerly looking forward to The Last Kingdom Season 5.

When Is The Last Kingdom Season 5 Releasing?

The Last Kingdom series was renewed for Season 5 last year itself. The cast released a video to announce their comeback. Besides, the series was ranked in the top 10 most-watched series across the globe.

With a series like The Last Kingdom, the production is a lengthy project. So it is highly unlikely that we would be seeing the upcoming season by either 2021 end or even early 2022.

The series took a total of 18 months between the second and the third seasons. And another 17 months between season three and season four. So, earlier everyone expected the series to release in October 2021. There is no official news yet, but the pandemic must have had an impact on the production of the fifth season.

Who Will Return For The Last Kingdom Season 5?

What and When Can We Expect The Last Kingdom Season 5 To Air on Netflix?

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The Last Kingdom Season 5 has enormous amounts of bloody battles. This means that it is natural that there would be some people who wouldn’t make it to the upcoming season. So far, Ian Hart’s father Beocca won’t be coming back. Nigel Marchant, executive producer said that they had a hard time losing Hart as he is a fantastic actor. But they always try to showcase that battles have real consequences.

With Ian Hart, we would also not be seeing Toby Regbo’s Aethelred. Along with Cnut (Magnus Bruun) and Steapa (Adrian Bouchet) won’t be coming back either.

But one person who is definitely coming back is Alexander Dreymon as Uhtred of Bebbanburg. At the same time, there are doubts about Eliza Butterworth’s Aelswith as she was poisoned in the show.

What Is The Plot for The Last Kingdom Season 5?

What and When Can We Expect The Last Kingdom Season 5 To Air on Netflix?


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As per the official synopsis released by Netflix, the fifth season will see Uhtred will realize his destiny is more than Bebbanburg. And it is tied to the future of England. Furthermore, he will be charged with the training of King Edward’s firstborn son Aetheistan as a warrior. But Uhtred’s ambition has a higher purpose. But to achieve the same, he will have to face his worst enemy and suffer his greatest loss.

Reports suggest that the show will continue to adapt from Cornwell’s Saxon Stories.

Well, what we know for sure is that the makers have a grand plan for The Last Kingdom Season 5. And we all are rooting for it!