What and When Can We Expect Netflix’s Circle Season 2?

Himanshi Gupta

Well, we can say that Netflix has popularized the idea of binge-watching. It is often said that Netflix was the first to drop entire new seasons of TV shows at once and people would binge-watch entire series. However, after a decade of discussions, Netflix seems to have figured something else out. That’s what we see with the series The Circle Season 2. The Circle Season 2 seems to be following a hybrid schedule, somewhere between binge and weekly updates.

When Will The Circle Season 2 Be Released?

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Some of the episodes of The Circle Season 2 have already been released. So far episodes 1-4 were released on April 14. Episodes  5-8 were released on April 21 and episodes 9-12 were released on April 28.

As per the schedule, the finale, Episode 13 will be released on May 5.

What Is The Circle About?

The Circle' Contestants Season 2: Cast Photos and More

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The Circle is a reality competition show where the contestant are put in individual apartments. And the only way to communicate with each other is via social media. The contestants are constantly in competition with each other to stay the most popular amongst all and win the whopping amount of $100,000. The contestants can stay popular either as themselves or by cat-fishing the other contestants in the game.

Who Could Win The Circle Season 2?

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Well, the last set of episodes have made the tables turn a complete 180 degrees. As of now, the remaining contestants are River, Courtney, Trevor, John, and Chloe. And why River chose to keep Trevor around instead of Mitchell is still a mystery. But at least we know that he has hope that his alliance wants him and will have his back. He might actually be the judge’s favorite to win The Circle Season 2. He has a super-influencer status which isn’t a bad thing given how much cat-fishing he has done throughout the show.

One person who clearly might not win at all in The Circle Season 2 is John. We all know that he hasn’t been on the show for a long time and clearly, he hasn’t been able to develop bonds that the other contestants did. Besides, he seems to have become the pawn in the show. It does look like he is being used by the other contestants and being put on high rankings just to mess with other contestants. At the same time, we are worried about Trevor. He is vulnerable to both River and Courtney and neither will hesitate to rank him in the last to cut him off the show.

Another question now arises is if Chloe is going to lose it all? Well, we have said previously that River is the favorite on the show. But another way to think about it is that Chloe is also a favorite. We never really know when Chloe might do the magic and win the title. The Circle Season 2 is going to be released on May 5 and it seems like a long time. But it’s going to be worth every second!

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