“Welcome to Poland, you are safe now”: This is how Caritas Poland responds to the Ukraine drama

Jasjot Singh

Caritas Poland continues to respond to the challenges arising from the largest wave of refugees in Europe since the Second World War.

In this unprecedented response, Caritas has more than 130 aid distribution points throughout the country that daily distributes about 47,000 meals a day to the multitude of refugees who continue to arrive from Ukraine, invaded by Russia since the past 24 of February.

An example of this concrete help is the point for mothers and children created at the Przemyśl railway station.

There Cáritas welcomes those who arrive tired and scared from the trip with a poster that is a declaration of intent. In it you can read: “You are important and unique to us”.

This train station is one of the main points of arrival in Poland from the Ukraine, where before there was a dining hall, now there are clothes, classified and organized, and a space for the little ones to play and of course the possibility of sleeping safely. at least one day.

Natasha is one of the thousands of volunteers working in Poland in response to the humanitarian emergency caused by the war in Ukraine. She comes from Caritas Norway, but moved to the city of Przemysl to work in the reception of those who flee the horrors of the conflict.

Natasha explains that she works at the border to provide what those who arrive on these trains need daily: food, clothing and shelter.

Likewise, he emphasizes that this humanitarian emergency situation has made him see how important it is to take one more step in this attention.

“Show solidarity on a human level, be with them, listen to them, even if we don’t speak the same language, just hug them and say: ‘Welcome to Poland, you are already safe‘” he assures.

Among the numerous projects of Caritas Poland there is also “A Package for Ukraine”, thanks to which Ukrainians in Poland will receive food packages prepared especially for them.

It is expected that they will distribute a total of 200,000 packages of this type that contain essential products and that do not exceed 64 centimeters in height, so that they can be easily transported.

They are also preparing a long-term project to meet the needs of this humanitarian emergency. In fact, Caritas-Spes and Caritas Ukraine have already received more than 500,000 zloty (107,000 euros) which have helped provide the most urgent services in the country.

Caritas Poland has also been organizing humanitarian transports to Ukraine. Since the beginning of the war, the local diocesan Caritas have sent nearly 500 trucks and vehicles, transporting 7,300 tons of aid.

In addition to food, hygiene products and medical supplies, they also sent generators, cleaning products, sleeping bags and flashlights. The value of these transports is almost 35 million zloty (7.5 million euros).

More information and how to collaborate in this link https://www.caritas.es/#

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