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Begun in February 2017, the series We were here has always stood out for innovation and genius. For the uninitiated, we are talking about the franchise developed by Total chaos games which sees two players contribute to overcome environmental puzzles of increasing difficulty. The only prerogative to win: to collaborate. The first chapter followed We were here too the following year and, in 2019, We were here together. This triplet of works has gradually refined the formula, evolving it from the simple school project it was in the beginning.

Three years after the last chapter, the German team arrives on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox And PC with We’ve been here forever. This new adventure will lead us to explore Fortress of the castle and its surroundings to try to escape an evil that does not want to know how to remain buried. Are you curious to know more? All you have to do is continue reading our review.

The title was played entirely live and was completed thanks to the support of Riccardo Barbieri (The Beard).


The first three episodes of the franchise have no real story. Or rather: the plot is there, but it fades into the background and is told by the environments that surround us and by some voiceovers. We Were Here Forever, on the other hand, takes a small leap forward, but without exaggerating. The adventure sees two explorers come across a Kingdom mysterious, slowly investigating the curse that binds the story of a sovereign to that of his mad jester.

This time the title also puts cut-scenes on the table, which give life to a story that is easier to follow and a real narrative development. Nothing shocking, but undoubtedly enough to interest the player. The title is perfectly enjoyable even if you have never approached the saga, but we point out the presence of numerous goodies for those who have also faced the previous iterations of the series. All this, moreover, with a much higher longevity than in the past and which exceeds twelve hours without too much effort.


The strength of We Were Here Forever, however, is certainly not the narrative sector. Once again, the gameplay is the master, giving life to brilliant and satisfying puzzles to solve. Total Mayhem Games title is never too difficult, but not too easy either. It always manages to be an addicting challenge, but without blocking the user for hours on a single puzzle. Furthermore, the need to constantly communicate with one’s partner makes production unique. A riot of genius to share with your friends, at any cost.

Although the title provides for an internal voice chat in the game, we admit that we found it uncomfortable in more than a few situations, pushing us to fall back on Discord. However, after completing the story, we can safely say that this is a game to be played with someone you know. The developers have worked hard to include the possibility of facing the entire adventure with other people in the world through matchmaking, but given the elaboration of some puzzles we recommend that you recruit a trusted person to escape from Castle Rock together.

We've been here forever


It is useless to go around it: the technical sector of We Were Here Forever is the most basic you can think of. Compared to the past, however, some steps forward have been made, but the title does not shine for polygonal models or for fascinating plays of light. It matters little, however. The work of the German team has never aimed to amaze graphically, giving priority to pure gameplay. The same can be said of the sound sector, even if we admit that we appreciated the voices of the dubbers in English (yes, there are subtitles in Italian) and some pieces of the soundtrack. There are also some frame drops, fortunately often in relation to the loading zones. Nothing too annoying, in short.

We Were Here Forever is the sum of all the strengths of the previous chapters of the series. A perfect work for lovers of cooperative adventures and that we would like to recommend with our eyes closed to all those who are abstinent from this type of games and from Two are needed. At the modest sum of around eighteen euros you can take home one of the most interesting experiences of the year, which we can only openly reward. Now we can’t wait to play the next title of Total Mayhem Games, a software house that for us is now synonymous with guarantee.

VOTE 8.5

Type of game

We Were Here Forever is a first-person puzzle-based adventure to be solved together with another player.

How it was played

The title was played on Steam Deck thanks to a code kindly provided by the Publisher.

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