Virgin River Secretly Revealed The Father Of The Charmaine Twins

At the end of Virgin River’s fourth season, a revelation from Charmaine shocked fans. The character revealed that Jack was not the father of the twins. As a result, several theories emerged as to who could really be the father of the children. One such theory is based on a critical moment in the show’s second season, when Jack first agrees to the idea of ​​being a father with Charmaine.

Then, Jack reveals the news to an old friend, and his friend’s reaction suggests who the real father is. But that only happens after he finds out at the end of Virgin River’s fourth season that he’s not the father.

From the beginning, the series focuses on the couple Mel and Jack, but Charmaine’s pregnancy emerges as a new focus and can disrupt the couple’s life. In the first season of the series, Charmaine revealed to be pregnant with Jack and with that, Mel ends her relationship with the ex-soldier. However, their romance returns, leaving Charmaine unsatisfied.

As a result, Jack and Charmaine disagree on many things, such as where they will raise the babies. Even so, they decide that they will be parents alongside Mel and Charmaine’s new husband, Todd. But in Virgin River’s emotional fourth season finale, Charmaine says that Todd is ending their relationship and that he lied about the babies’ real father.

The real father of Charmaine’s babies in Virgin River

After the discovery that Jack is not the father, the question at the moment is, who really is the biological father of Charmaine’s babies. The babies’ real father may have appeared in the previous season, even with so many theories circulating. In the second season of Virgin River, Mike appears in the episode “Can’t Let Go”, he is an LAPD officer, friend of Jack, and appears for the first time.

When Jack tells Mike that Charmaine is pregnant, Mike has a revealing reaction. Therefore, this may have revealed that among the characters in the series, Mike is the real father of Charmaine’s babies.

Mike Has an Unexpected Reaction to Charmaine’s Pregnancy

Initially, Mike is surprised by Jack’s news that Charmaine is pregnant. He is startled, moves his eyebrows and raises his arms. Soon after, he laughs nervously and says, “I didn’t know you were still seeing her.” In this way, he almost looks sad. The reaction is so huge and unexpected that it feels like a highlight moment.

While this theory may seem difficult at first, it was revealed by Alexandra Breckenridge, who plays Mel in Virgin River (via Glamour) that the real father of Charmaine’s babies is someone who is already a part of the series. Considering the small number of eligible men in town and Charmaine’s relationship with them, she would have few options for true parenthood.

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As the investigation of the underground drug ring that takes place in Emerald Lumber is in charge of Mike, he ends up staying in town for a while. So he and Charmaine could have easily found each other at some point. Which could also explain Mike’s sadness when Jack talks about his pregnancy and their past.

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After serving in the military together, they remain close. So it’s not Mike’s intention to hurt Jack, or even get in the way of his possible relationship with Charmaine. Therefore, he imagined the couple to be separated, questioning that they were still together.

With the paternity of the babies revealed, it is clear that Charmaine certainly lied in order to get Jack back from Mel. And with Jack living in Virgin River, he would definitely be a safer parent than Mike, who resides in Los Angeles. So, with Todd out of the picture, season five will address who the real father of the Charmaine twins is.

So who do you think is the twins’ real father?

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