Virgin River, Season 5 on Netflix: Everything we know so far

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Virgin River returned for more romance, drama and a little small-town suspense. Since Mel arrived at the scene, the city has never been the same, especially for Jack Sheridan. As with previous years, the series revealed several mysteries and at the same time left questions unanswered.

When we started the last season of Virgin River, Mel still didn’t know exactly who her child was. She wanted to be a mother and now her dream is getting closer and closer to coming true. In turn, Jack is not so excited, but offered support to his girlfriend, after all, the issue of paternity afflicts him.

However, one of the big additions of the season was the addition of a handsome doctor. Cameron Hayek arrived in the riverside town wanting to start a family. In addition, the series also followed Hope’s recovery, and the search for Brie’s innocence for the man she loves.

Finally, even involved in a new romance, Preacher doesn’t give up hope of meeting Christopher and Paige again. Above all, the series still left several loose ends for the future. Well, if you’re looking forward to the 5th season of Virgin Riverhere’s what we already know.

The 5th season of Virgin River

First of all, it is important to state that the 5th season of Virgin River It has already been confirmed by Netflix. The service confirmed the series’ renewal, just two months after the third season was released in July 2021. At the time, the service confirmed the fourth and fifth year in one go.

Announcing the news, Jinny Howe, vice president of original series at Netflix, told USA Today:

“[Com] everything that is happening in the world, people are looking more and more, not only for that comfort, but also that feeling of hope and that feeling of community. It all really came together in a really organic way, and I think that was yet another proving point that this is a really vital programming area for us.”

That is, the 5th season of Virgin River It’s already on the way for the fans.

Season 5 premiere Virgin River already Netflix

Regarding the premiere date, the news is just not better, due to the delay that the recordings suffered. Initially, the new season of the series would be filmed in early March, however, Alexandra Breckenridge, stated that the schedule has been changed. Thus, the recordings began on the 18th of July.

The schedule is quite similar to what happened the previous year, leading us to believe that the series should only return in 2023. A more assertive prediction is between May and June 2023. Netflix confirmed the start of recordings recently:

NOTE: This article will be constantly updated and as new developments emerge, we will update it.

The end of season 4

Image: Disclosure/Netflix

The season 4 finale of Virgin River reveals one of the biggest secrets left over from the previous season. Finally, we find out that Jack is the father of Mel’s daughter. However, Charmaine is distressed by her husband leaving her and has trouble breathing. She claims that she is being punished for her actions as she lied about her children’s paternity.

Then, Jack discovers that the twins are not his children. Charmaine lied all these months to keep Jack in her life. We’re pretty sure the father of Charmaine’s twins isn’t Todd. Certainly, the twins’ father was not who the young woman wanted around and that’s why she chose Jack.

The series also focuses on Denny, giving the character more time. Denny clearly likes Lizzie, but tells her he can’t get involved with her. At the end of the fourth year, we find out that the young man has Huntington’s disease, adding that he is terminal. Therefore, he believes that he has no future.

This is also why, he uses the money he inherited from his late father to pay the mortgage on his grandfather’s clinic. He likely tells Doc the truth when Doc confronts him about the clinic’s finances. This becomes apparent when he passes out in front of Doc and Hope, and the former doesn’t seem all that surprised.

Finally, Mel and Jack get engaged in Virgin River. The two go on a camping trip and Jack proposes when Mel leaves the trailer, after filling their cups with hot chocolate. This time, Mel accepts. Throughout the entire season, Jack is worried about what to do if he finds out that he is not the father of Mel’s child.

However, at the end of the season, he realizes that it doesn’t matter. He loves Mel and wants to spend the rest of his life with her. The next morning, the lab sends the result and Jack is the father.

The possible plot of Season 5 of Virgin River

Certainly, much of the new year’s storyline must come from the end of the fourth season. In addition to Denny’s sad news, Jack’s paternity discovery, as well as the revelation that he is not the father of Charmaine’s twins.

Furthermore, the 5th season of Virgin River, should also focus on the revelation that took place about Jack’s shooter. We saw that, a videotape showed Vince shooting the protagonist. As for Vince’s future, he is knocked unconscious by Preacher at the height of the Christopher/Paige/Vince triangle.

We still don’t know if he’s dead. But if that hasn’t happened, will Preacher have to continue to take responsibility for Wes’s death? Finally, we will know the next steps of the young couple, with the arrival of Mel’s baby.

Cast: Who Returns for Season 5 of Virgin River?

Certainly, much of the cast returns for the new year, with a few caveats. That way, we expect to see: Martin Henderson as Jack Sheridan, Alexandra Breckenridge as Melinda Monroe, Annette O’Toole as Hope McCrea and Lauren Hammersley as Charmaine Roberts.

In addition, Season 5 of Virgin River should still feature: Tim Matheson as Dr. Vernon Mullins, Colin Lawrence as John ‘Preacher’ Middleton, Benjamin Hollingsworth as Dan Brady, Grayson Maxwell as Gurnsey Ricky, Zibby Allen as Brie, Kai Bradbury as Denny Cutler, and Mark Ghanime as Dr. Cameron Hayek.

We still don’t know if Steve Baci, who plays Wes and his twin brother Vince, will reappear. The character’s fate will determine whether we see him again. Likewise, new cast members are likely to be added in the future.

The actor spoke about the future of the characters

Martin Henderson in Season 5 of Virgin River
Image: Disclosure/Netflix

Shortly after the beginning of the recordings of the 5th Season of Virgin River, Henderson revealed to Glamor what could happen going forward. The actor confirmed:

“Baby stuff gets really interesting. Obviously I’m speaking without having read any of those actual scripts, but we have some really cool stuff… a lot of stuff gets wrapped up and then there’s a lot of new beginnings, new story lines. I can’t reveal too much. I know someone can move. Someone can leave.”

The actor added:

“From what I understand this season, you’ll also see Mel and Jack get really close… because I really think the audience loves that. You have to have some issues, but watching them mature and your love deepens is going to be good.”

Henderson even confirmed what could happen to Brady in Season 5 of Virgin River.

“Brady, as a character, definitely has a lot of redemption in Season 4. I think there’s even more in Season 5. It will definitely color their relationship. wrong, though, if Brady is suddenly just this nice guy. I do not believe it, that it will turn. It seems banal. It’s more interesting to have a character he can’t avoid. “

What to watch while you wait?

Apparently, fans will have to wait approximately 1 year to see the new episodes of the series. So, if you while waiting for the 5th season of Virgin River, you may like the series below. All of them are available on Netflix and are similar to the small-town romance.

Sweet Magnolias;Friends Forever;The Good Witch;Outlander;Bridgerton.

So, are you looking forward to the new season of the series?

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