‘Vikings: Valhalla’s sex scene is refreshing

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Let’s be honest: I didn’t immediately warm up to Netflix’s new series Vikings: Valhalla. Don’t get me wrong. My take on the lives of medieval legends like Leif Erickson (Sam Cotteritt) and Harald Hardrada (Rio Souter) is a vulgar, Progressive observation. I love watching handsome actors go mad and long ships sailing in high winds.But what makes me hesitate is Vikings: Valhalla It introduces its ferocious heroine, Freddys Eric Dort (Frida Gustafson), as a victim of sexual assault. Vikings: Valhalla It is implied that Greenlander and her brother traveled to Kattegat to track down the Christian Vikings who raped and tortured her. That is How they met other Viking legends.

I am so sad Vikings: Valhalla Will rely on the cliché of explaining a woman’s motives only through sexual assault. Freddys had a personality in the Viking saga and didn’t bring sexual assault into it.I’m worried about how this portends Vikings: Valhalla will see its female characters and their sexuality in upcoming episodes as victims and objects.

Boy, I’m glad I was wrong.

Vikings Valhalla has several hot scenes

Vikings: Valhalla Not only nip that part of Freddy’s story in the bud (let her murder her rapist– kill, lady boss, kill) but also let its female characters take control.love that develops Vikings: Valhalla built on mutual respect, which makes them hot.Vikings: Valhalla Knowing that nothing is sexier than two powerful characters loving and respecting each other, which is why vikings valhalla sex scenes are so hot.

vikings valhalla scene
Photo: Netflix

Vikings: Valhalla about a century after the events of the show Vikings. It begins with the St Blaise’s Day Massacre, a 1003 event in which the British murdered Vikings who lived peacefully in their lands. Harald Sigurdsson narrowly escaped this terrible fate and vowed revenge on the British. But as the Norwegian and Danish Vikings prepare to invade England, Greenlandic siblings Freddys and Eric arrive in Kattegat to track down Freddys’ rapist. Literally, as soon as Freddys came ashore, he met the handsome Harald and the two hooked up.

Honestly, it was refreshing to see these two hot-blooded young Vikings put in the chase. Instead of torture, prolonging “they would, wouldn’t they?”, Vikings: Valhalla Have two consenting adults have some fun, casual sex. She had been stuck in a small boat for years and he was anxious about losing his girlfriend in the massacre. Cabin fever and sadness are two modes that can be aided by a simple sexy frolic. Vikings: Valhalla understand this. I love how simple it is!

but Vikings: Valhalla Also understand romance. (Second half spoiler for Vikings: Valhalla Season 1!) My two favorite storylines Vikings: Valhalla Season 1 was an unabashed, serious romance. The first is between the aforementioned Harald and Freddys. When they finally reunited later in the series, Harald was clearly in awe of the woman Freddy became in his absence. Freddys seemed drawn to Harald’s optimism in a world where pagans and Christians could be friends. It’s so hot to watch casual romances develop into true love.

Vikings valhalla hot scene
Photo: Netflix

The second romance takes place between the Viking king Canute (Bradley Freegard) and the woman whose strategy nearly ruined Canute’s British invasion: Emma of Normandy (Laura Berlin) between. When we first met Emma, ​​she was the much younger second wife of King Ethelred II. She is very proud of her successful adaptation to England in the face of a Viking invasion and using all her ingenuity to hold on to the country. Canute’s success is due to a bold out-of-the-box plan by Leif Eriksson, but he wants Emma by his side when he takes over London. While other rulers may see Emma as a dangerous adversary, Canute is deeply into her because she is able to keep up with him.

Just as it’s refreshing to see two Vikings hook up without drama, it’s also fascinating to see two powerful characters appreciate that they’re stronger together.The Emma/Canute relationship is Sweet. He uses his strength to save her child, she uses her cunning to outwit his, er, another wife to save his fleet. (It’s a Viking culture. Canute’s marriage to his first wife was done only by fasting, so he could divorce her.)

Vikings: Valhalla could have leaned toward its darker impulses, depicting Viking sexuality based on rape and pillage. Instead, it doubles down on the one thing that made the original Vikings so interesting: a loving portrayal of strong-willed women and equally ambitious men who loved them. Sex is progressive. Romance is built on respect.erg Vikings: Valhalla Yes hot.

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