Vikings: Revealed Why the Seer Licked Floki’s Hand

Vikings, was created by Michael Hist, and over the seasons, they’ve introduced some characters that are very mysterious. One of them is the Seer. He is one of Kattegat’s most respected figures who once paid his respects to Floki by licking her hand, however it is unknown why she did this.

The drama business has gained a lot of traction in recent years, with the Nordic series becoming one of the most popular. Vikings premiered on the History Channel in 2013 and ran for six seasons, coming to an end in 2020 after a lot of drama, action, betrayal and a few unsolved mysteries.

During its early seasons, the series had a Norse legendary warrior leader, Ragnar Lothbrok (Travis Fimmel), following him and his brothers through various raids and journeys, starting with the Lindisfarne raid, which marked the beginning of an era. Ragnar died in Season 4 of the series, but stories of him continued through Ragnar’s children and various characters close to him.

As well as Floki, who was one of only two characters from Season 1 to make it to the show’s final season. Floki was Ragnar’s best friend. He was Kategatt’s main boat builder in Vikings, besides being very playful, but behind all his strange mannerisms and unmistakable laugh was a very disturbed man.

What did the seer see in Floki in Vikings?

Floki seemed like a very cheerful and energetic man, but it was all to hide the various struggles he’s been through. However, the character often considered himself unworthy of the good things that happened to him and came to believe that he would have no more joy. As he progressed in Vikings, their battles got more complicated.

He got involved in some strange moments, like when the Seer (John Kavanagh) licked his hand and it wasn’t the other way around, which made him believe that the Seer felt, that Floki was actually Loki. The seer was the oracle of Kattegat, but his backstory is as mysterious as he is.

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The Seer was deformed and his eyes were sewn up or skin grew over his eyes. All of this giving him a bad look. It appears that the Seer dwells between life and death, allowing him to speak with the gods and pass on their messages to mortals who have come to him for help or advice.

Like the Vikings believed that their fate was already decided by the gods, the Seer was an important figure for them, as he was their link with the gods. With that, to show respect, those who visited him licked his hand, that’s when the Seer finally met Floki in Season 4.

Then, he who licked Floki’s hand, to everyone’s surprise, and the Seer also told him that he was waiting for him “in the space between life and death”.

Why did the Seer lick Floki’s hand?

The series does not explain why the Seer licked Floki’s hand. However, it is believed that the oracle felt that Floki was actually Loki. Amidst various theories about Floki in Vikings, this is one that says that Floki was a descendant of Loki, or a representation of him in disguise.

Image: Disclosure/History

From now on, the Seer felt this and showed his respect by licking his hand and not the other way around. Floki has some similar characteristics to Loki. Far beyond their similar names, they are both playful, eccentric, and both were trapped in caves. Loki in the short story “The Binding of Loki”, and Floki after he killed Atheslstan.

When Season 4 was airing, there were also rumors that Floki would become the next Seer and the oracle knew it. So licking his hand was his way of showing that Floki was the one. Floki didn’t become the next Seer. As a result, it is unknown if he actually had a connection to Loki, but the Seer licks his hand, and it remains one of the greatest mysteries of all time. Vikings.

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