Víctor Elías, devastated by the death of his mother: “Dad, take care of her up there”

Max Yurva

Víctor Elías is going through one of the most complicated moments of his life after having to say goodbye to the most important person, the one who brought him into the world and the one who gave him all his love: his mother. The musician faces the painful death of his mother, who has left, leaving a deep void in his life and from which it will be difficult for him to recover due to the importance of every mother.

The musician has confirmed the news through social networks, sharing some family photographs of the most heartfelt. In three of them you can see him with his mother at different times, in some they appear younger and in others more recent. He has also shared an old family photograph in which his father and his grandparents appear, great pillars for him.

Victor Elias and his mother |  InstagramVictor Elias and his mother | Instagram

Along with the photographs, Víctor Elías has written some moving words: “In absolutely all families there are good and bad things and that makes each family special. What is clear is that in this family you have known how to show us strength, vitality, energy and desire to live on all sides. I wish we all lived and resisted with the same strength that you have and with the legacy of learning that you leave us. I keep your vitality and your strength to continue here knowing that you are with me. Dad takes care of her up there and loving you how you did here. Rest mom, a break has never been so well deserved! I love you!”

Ana Guerra, a fundamental pillar for him

Víctor Elías and Ana Guerra maintain a sentimental relationship that seems to be very consolidated and in these difficult times it has become a fundamental pillar. The publication of the social networks has been filled with messages of affection and one of them has been that of the singer, who wrote to him: “She will watch over you and accompany you forever. We will miss her,” she said, including herself in that farewell.

Víctor Elías with his young mother |  InstagramVíctor Elías with his young mother | Instagram

Many other well-known faces have sent all their love to Víctor Elías, as is the case of Natalia Sánchez, his great friend, who wrote to him: “Wherever he goes, he will flood the place with his energy, his art and his big heart. I love you “. Also Adrián Rodríguez, partner of ‘Los Serrano’, wrote a message referring to her deceased: “Ay meli… have a good trip, darling.” Angy Fernández, Lucía Gil, Lorena Gómez, Diego Ojeda and many other artists have expressed their love for the musician. Our condolences.

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