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Max Yurva

“A Madea Homecoming”, the new series by Tyler Perry, who directed the entire movie himself, we can find a Netflix distributor, and the design of the production was provided by Sharon Busse, because we know for a fact that this The film opens on February 25, 2022.

The decor of the set was designed by Donna Dennis. Just yesterday the Google ratings had risen to 92%, and according to Google user ratings, 92% liked the movie, with a 5.9 outta 10 on IMDb. Overall ratings were summed up at 4.0%, with more people giving five stars.

About Tyler Perry’s “A Madea Homecoming”

The movie A Madea Homecoming, known as a humorous film in which we can watch Perry’s multimedia Madea license. We can watch the flashback scenes as if they were in black and white, we can watch everything in black and white, we can also watch how she kicks her man’s mistress Rosa Parks after she threatens her man’s rights Launched the civil rights mistress, and she took refuge on the Montgomery bus. She showed a photo she took on her phone while she owned it.


She said “my phone” and they didn’t have any iPhones back then and everyone knew it wasn’t the right way or something, but you know when you’re watching that particular scene you’re laughing just replace me with this The A in front of the word phone will make people laugh, so it can make people laugh, so you can use A instead of I.

We know, in 2019 I talked about Perry and he said he was going to step away from his iconic role after “A Madea Family Funeral,” but you know what? We still feel the same spirit, the same love, the same character, the same energy in this movie. So, technically, we can say he’s fully back, and we’ve fully got our Perry back.

We find a lot in this part of the movie, where we find out that she’s celebrating her great-grandson’s college graduation party named “Brandon Black.” But as all went well, something tragic happened when we found Mr Brown setting himself on fire.

Here, we find Madea expressing her feelings about the Black Live Matter movement. She threw out what she had been holding back for a while, and that was her granddaughter, who became a police officer, her name was Ellie, by threatening Madea.

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