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Max Yurva

Trevor Noah is a famous character from South Africa who is getting more and more famous for his comedies. Not only these comedies, he is also an expert in the television industry and politics. His fame has spread all over the world after he hosted The Daily Show.

Some of the top shows he’s been cast as presenter are Tonight with Trevor Noah and Jon Stewart. After all these shows, a book was published based on the biography of our favorite comedian, Trevor Noah.

In 2018, he was in the top 35 in the New York City Power People category. As a comedian in the African film industry, he has been nominated for many awards and won a few.

Trevor Noah at the Grammys

Trevor Noah
Gold Derby

Coming to the topic of our famous pop star Will Smith, whose name was changed by The Fresh Prince, his arrival. He is the prince of American show business, active in acting, filmmaking and singing on rap albums.Rapped to fame as a rapper, he has received many consecutive awards such as

  • Academic Award
  • Screen Actors Guild Awards
  • Many Grammys and many box office awards

As usual, Smith attended the recent Grammy Awards, scheduled for its 64th annualth anniversary. Trevor Noah is the youngest host of the show at the MGM Garden Arena in Las Vegas.

As he conveyed, he captured the hearts of the people who replaced the audience with his words, and we will make this show a combination of drama, music and dance.

It’s not going to be boring like other shows. And he shared his love for the BTS army, and he also said that among all the BTS singers, he liked Kendrick Lamar’s dance performance the most.

He also picked his favorite albums from all the performances that changed his life, some of them Anderson and Bruno Mars, that shook the hearts of many.

Even Trevor didn’t support the ban on Kanye by tweeting on social media, I say attorney Kanye, don’t take Kanye off with a tirade. Along with Trevor Noah, Will Smith and Chris Rock shine on the Grammys stage.

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