Trailer new series of The Heartbreakers 2022

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Trailer and release date of The Heartbreakers 2022

Although we already knew that the filming and post-production of the new australian series, Netflix has surprised us all by announcing the release date and trailer for the Heartbreakers series.

Heartbreakers will be released globally on September 12 on Netflix.

A few months ago we talked to you in depth about this new series of The heartbreakersyou can read the full article at: Heartbreakers 2022 reboot.

As you know, at Seriemaniac we do a special follow-up of this australian serieswhich captivated an entire generation in the 90s.

Netflix opted to recover it for the general public by introducing it into its catalog. Later, due to its great success among nostalgic audiences – who had already seen it in their teens – and new viewers, he decided to produce a new season through Netflix Australia.

Here is the direct link to the series: Heartbreakers 2022 on Netflix.

Thus, 20 years later, we will be able to see again a group of high school students Hartley Highwith the same team of writers and showrunners (Ben Gannon Y Michael Jenkins) which is the best news, because we hope that the series maintains the same spirit as the original.

Of course, from what can be seen in the trailer, with an impressive image quality that has nothing to do with the 4:3 format of the nineties and with low definition.

From what is intuited, there is a return to betting on filming in the spectacular exteriors of sydney (specifically from the real neighborhood of Manley, in which the original series was set), something of the house, which adds an extra unmistakable quality —in its day it caused thousands of viewers from all over the world to fall in love with the style of Australian life.

Stars of The Heartbreakers

The series is conceived as a kind of sequel or reboot. What would be a kind of season 8. The plot takes place in our current time, so the protagonists of the nineties series have already more than fulfilled their quarantine.

In its day it was speculated that some of the characters would repeat their roles as Anitta, Ryan or Drazic, now turned into adults and who knows if acting as parents or teachers of the always controversial institute, but at the moment they are nothing more than rumours, of made the trailer does not clarify the doubts.

The new plots will be contemporary and will show the current lifestyle of disenchanted young people growing up in a working-class neighborhood in Sydney.

The Heartbreakers 2022

There will be LGTBIQ+ characters, drugs, problems with the authorities, immigration, mobile phones, social networks… Showing a less candid youth than the one we saw in the original series, released in the late nineties, but with that vindictive, serious and very deep vocation, moving the series away from other adolescent fiction much more focused on love affairs or on scratching only the surface of the real problems of the boys and their families.

The heartbreaker It was a series of the highest quality (it has not aged badly if new viewings are made) designed for an adult audience. It swept countries like France, Spain and Latin America (premiered under the title of Learning to live).

In Spain it was very difficult to follow her, in fact the first two seasons went unnoticed; it could be seen during summer mornings on TVE’s La1. Now, all 7 seasons are available on Netflix but only on YOU.

The protagonists, unknown to the general public outside of Australia, are: Ayesha Madon, James Majoos, Chloe Hayden, Asher Yasbincek, Thomas Weatherall, Will McDonald, Josh Heuston and Gemma Chua-Tran star. Some of them are famous Australian singers, models or dancers.

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Official Synopsis for The Heartbreakers 2022

A discovery turns amerie an instant outcast in the hartley institute, while causing a mysterious and very public breakup with his partner Harper. With her new friends, outsiders Quinni and Darren, Amerie must repair her reputation as she navigates love, sex and heartbreak.

Trailer Heartbreakers 2022 subtitled in Spanish

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