Today is the feast of Saint Tychicus, the beloved disciple of Saint Paul the Apostle

This April 29, the Catholic Church celebrates the memory of Saint Tyquicus, a disciple of the apostle Saint Paul, whom in his epistles he called “dear brother” and “faithful helper”.

In his letter to the Colossians, Saint Paul wrote: “Tychicus, my dear brother, will give you news of everything that concerns me; he is to me a faithful helper and companion in the service of the Lord. He expressly sent it to you to bring you news of me and give you encouragement.”

The New Testament gives indications that Tychicus had strong ties with the cities of Troas, Ephesus, and Colossae, all in Asia Minor (Turkey).

This saint is presented for the first time in the Bible in the Acts of the Apostles, in the middle of Saint Paul’s third missionary journey. While Paul was traveling through Greece, a plot uncovered against him forced him to flee. Tychicus, Aristarchus, Timothy, and a few other missionaries were with him during this time.

From the Epistles it appears that Tychicus visited Paul in prison on at least one occasion. Paul was in prison (probably in Rome or Caesarea) when he wrote his Letter to the Ephesians, and had Tychicus deliver it to the Church there.

Paul was also in prison when he wrote his letter to the Church in Colossae. It is not known whether it was the same detention during which he wrote his Letter to the Ephesians or a different one. Tychicus, along with another Christian named Onesimus, also delivered this letter.

Because he delivered these important letters to Ephesus and Colossae, he could be considered the patron saint of postmen and of modern Turkey.

Some claim that Tychicus was Bishop of Paphos in Cyprus, an island off the coast of Turkey.

To learn more about St. Tychicus, you can read the following passages in the Bible: Acts 20:2–6; Ephesians 6:21–22; Colossians 4:7–9; 2 Timothy 4:12 and Titus 3:12.

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